Good things keep! Sawa returned as a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations (video)

Good things keep! Sawa returned as a goodwill ambassador to the United Nations Sharapova doping controversy review how to look at Sawa’s "unforced errors" Sawa played in the charity match Tencent sports in November 10th according to the British "Guardian" reported that Sharapova at the end of April next year after the ban, will return as a goodwill ambassador to the United nations. Earlier because of Sharapova’s drugs storm, the United Nations Development Programme and the suspension of Russian beauty 9 years of cooperation. At the beginning of this year, after she and her involvement in doping controversy with the cooperation between the enterprises and institutions to suspend cooperation, including the United Nations Development programme. Because in accordance with the provisions of the "guidelines" goodwill ambassador for the United Nations in seventeenth, as a goodwill ambassador must "the ban does not meet any purpose with the United Nations and the principles of activities". Article thirty-second provides that if there is a corresponding goodwill ambassador, so his appointment will be suspended. It is for this reason that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) suspended cooperation with Sawa. But as of last month, ITF ultimate punishment for Sawa from the Russian beauty will be suspended until April next year, the sponsors have also resumed her cooperation, including Nike and Evian two famous brands. The United Nations development programme that meets the requirements of Sharapova goodwill ambassador, is "honest man", "have a higher level ability required for personality and dignity." "The United Nations Development Programme is very pleased to learn that Sharapova may be earlier than expected to return to the sport of tennis, once she was at the end of April suspended period, we will invite her to continue to serve as a goodwill ambassador," a spokesman for the group said, "we know that Sharapova is focused on restoring her tennis career, and we look forward to her to discuss how to continue to play the role, and announced at a suitable date." In fact, Sharapova has been in the rapid return of the public field, after the ban announced a week, she has appeared in a public charity event in Las Vegas on. (Sam)相关的主题文章: