Global survey report Overseas respondents will rise in

Survey report: Global respondents willingness to rise in overseas – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, August 29 (reporter Jiang Tao) Chinese waiwenju international communication research center and other institutions in Beijing on 29 reports issued by the China Overseas respondents willingness to rise, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong has become the first choice city. This is called "national image Chinese global survey report 2015" the report pointed out that in 2015 overseas respondents, within the next three years plan to Chinese study, work or travel proportion accounted for 31%, higher than 26% in 2014. The three most popular cities in China are Beijing (48%), Shanghai (30%) and Hongkong (23%). The report pointed out that China’s overall impression score of 6.2 points (total score of 10 points), compared with 2014 increased by 0.3 points. Among them, the development of China’s impression (6.9 points) than the developed countries (5.5 points) more active. Compared to older groups, overseas young people (aged 18 to 35 years) to a higher degree of understanding of China, the overall impression is better, more optimistic about the future development of China’s view of the situation. The report said that the long history, the charm of the eastern powers to become China’s most prominent national image. Global respondents to the Chinese people’s impression is generally positive, hard work to become the most prominent Chinese national image. Respondents generally recognized the positive role of China’s economic development, and optimistic about the future development of China’s situation. Nearly half of respondents believe that China’s economic influence will continue to grow. The report pointed out that the overseas image of Chinese products has improved, especially in terms of significantly improved after-sales service. Quality is still an important factor hindering the development of Chinese brands overseas, accounting for 60% of the proportion. But compared to 2014, overseas respondents in the food safety, service and price aspects of the degree of satisfaction decreased by 6%, respectively, 13% and 9%, Chinese products in the field of after-sales service is particularly evident. The report said that China’s scientific and technological innovation ability was well received, China’s high-speed rail is considered to be the most outstanding scientific and technological achievements. 61% of overseas respondents expressed recognition of China’s scientific and technological innovation capability, and even more than the domestic respondents of the evaluation (57%). This is the fourth national survey of China’s national image. The platform consists of a national professional think tank China foreign language Bureau external communication research center and research company Millward Brown created continuously since 2011 to carry out the investigation and study and results for China national image released. (end)相关的主题文章: