Girl with cerebral palsy by mouth act as a go-between six years to complete the eight exquisite cros kimi wo omou melodi

Girl with cerebral palsy by mouth act as a go-between six years to complete the eight exquisite embroidery as Jiang Min and her fine cross stitch work. Correspondent Chen Weihong photo Ren Jiang Min with the mouth of the needle embroidery works. Washington (reporter correspondent Wang Yang Chen Weihong) because of suffering from congenital cerebral palsy, Baoding County, Wangdu, any girl sensitive limbs, not like ordinary people activities. But she is literally in the mouth of the needle to stitch, six years to complete the eight exquisite works. Yesterday, President Jiang Min hopes to sell his works, use the money to buy a computer for. Ren Jiang Min 23 year old, was born in the village of Wangdu County, Baoding City, Zhao an ordinary peasant family. Because of suffering from congenital cerebral palsy, Jiang Min’s limbs can not be like ordinary people from childhood activities, or even no perception. In order to give any Min Min treatment, parents took her to a lot of the size of the hospital, but also spent a lot of money, but the treatment effect is not ideal. With the growth of age, every day to stay at home doing nothing, Min Min, more and more sense of inferiority, depressed all day. One day in 2013, a cousin of Jiang Min after his arrival to find a set of cross stitch, cross stitch embroidery materials, advised her to resolve depressed. In the cousin’s encouragement, Jiang Min began to study the cross stitch embroidery. To other people don’t matter the needle, put her stumped. Parents usually work in the vicinity of the small factory, where there is time to keep her needle in the side? Ren Jiang Min’s stubborn strength came up, hands and feet are not moving, she first picked up the needle inserted through the mouth in one place, and then use the mouth to wear eye needle thread. Because the distance is too close, the eyes are not observed, only the eye of the needle, thread position by feeling. After numerous failures, Jiang Min finally found the feeling. When the first puncture success, let Jiang Min excited tears. The title, title, needle, fixed line needle, now only one minute of time, Jiang Min can use skilled to complete the act as a go-between mouth. Cross stitch embroidered up trouble and effort, normal people will soon hand embroidered with acid eye pain, can only be used for embroidery mouth of Ren Jiangmin, it is an impossible task. At the beginning, often can not find the correct position with the mouth needle. But let Jiang Min know Practice makes perfect. embroidered not good-looking, and she repeated practice to find the feeling. Several days later, as Jiang Min’s tongue on the needle was worn in several places, terrible pain. A few months later, Jiang Min will be able to use a needle mouth of a bar, skilled embroidery works. Although much slower than ordinary people, but as Jiang Min "malt", produced a very fine embroidery works. When the villagers for the first time to see her work, in any case do not believe that it is the Min Min mouth with a needle embroidered. Up to now, 6 years time, Jiang Min has done a total of 8 embroidery works. With the completion of a piece of work, Jiang Min’s character has become cheerful positive. Ren Min Min said that she had a desire to sell their own cross stitch work, in exchange for money to buy a computer. Later, she will be able to sell their own products on the network, earn money to feed themselves.相关的主题文章: