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Success Do you have trouble connecting? Perhaps its because you fail to connect with people on an emotional level. Great leaders of any age have connected to the hearts and minds of people. They didnt connect with the mind, or with the mind first, they connected with the heart first. The art of connection and persuasion has to do with connecting emotionally with others. If you have an issue with connecting with people, perhaps you need to just get over yourself and learn to connect on an emotional level. How do you connect with people emotionally? Many of us think that people are just born with an automatic charisma and ability to connect. Actually charisma isnt a function of personality its a function of attitude. People with charisma posses an outward focus instead of an inward one. They pay attention to other people and they desire to value them and give them value. Whatever is inside you whether it is positive or negative will eventually .e out when you are .municating with others. Even if you are trying to act positive, the negative will .e across and it will impact the way others react to you. People may hear your words but they will feel your attitude. This will either cause them to connect with you and win them over or it will alienate them and cause you to lose them. Attitude always overpowers words when you are speaking to others. According to Jules Rose, The exact words that you use are far less important than the energy, intensity, and conviction with which you use them. So many people have such a negative attitude in todays world. It .es across in their words and actions. In order to have a positive attitude and have charisma you have to get over yourself. The best way to get over yourself is to have confidence. When you have confidence you can invest in others and be a giving person. The way to get that confidence if you dont have it is to invest in personal development. Read books, study and meditate. You also need to practice. If you dont have confidence in you speaking ability, join Toastmasters. It is the best place to practice your speaking. If you need help in other areas get books that relate to that area and read them. Be.e an avid reader. Improve yourself and get over yourself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: