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UnCategorized It almost seem antithetical to talk about "to do" lists during summer vacation. However, as June comes to an end, you need to start to consider your list of things that need to be done before the end of summer and the start of the new school year. There are some items that cannot be done until just before school starts, such as buying back to school supplies. However, you can get ahead of the game by taking your family to your Germantown urgent care clinics for annual physicals and/or sports physicals. If you have a youngster that plans on participating in football this fall, it would be wise to get his sports physical as early as possible. Most football programs start training camp in August, and you can be sure that many doctor’s offices will be swamped with back to school physicals and vaccinations. Urgent care clinics are ultra convenient because you don’t need an appointment; walk-ins are welcome. Beyond sports physicals, your kids should have a physical every year, regardless of age. Two birds with one stone If your child plays a sport, taking him or her to an urgent care clinic for a sport physical can take care of two projects at one time. Sports physicals and regular back-to-school physicals are not the same. However, they can be completed in the same appointment, saving you time, money, and an extra trip to the doctor. Having a sport physical completed earlier will be very wise because it will give your child and his or her doctor the opportunity to address any concerns with regard to injuries, nutrition, training, or other health issues. In the event that injuries or health problems are discovered, it gives your child time to receive treatment and to recuperate before the sports season actually begins. Building an important relationship It is important that you make the urgent care clinic a part of your healthcare plan, and that you get familiar and comfortable with the doctors. The most reputable urgent care clinics have no interest in replacing your primary care physician. They simply want to build a relationship with you and your family so that when you need to come to them for both regular checkups and medical emergencies, there will be a familiarity and trust established. Scheduling a yearly back-to-school physical is a great way to grow a relationship with you and your family. Help your child get a great start to the school year by getting a yearly physical done early. Stop in to your Germantown urgent care clinic today for your child’s back-to-school physical. Convenient, walk-in care for Germantown and Montgomery County We all want the best for our families, especially when it comes to general healthcare and occupational medicine. Medical access companies provide convenient walk-in care as an alternative to long waits in the emergency room. Friendly staff will carefully and quickly assess your needs and provide the appropriate services, from preventive medicine to x-ray and lab services. Facilities are fully staffed and equipped in order to meet the demands of their patients and their healthcare needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: