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George is confident voice: will someday knight and James La George and James from Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 24th, according to the "The Score" media reports, has led the team to the finals six times James is a threat to Eastern teams, because he led the Cavaliers in the season to get the championship the Title and the strength was better than that of the other team. Pacers players Paul – George recently said that one day he will lead the step beyond James. When it comes to George and James, two people have a certain origin. During the heat of the James, the two teams met in the playoffs three times in a row, while George and in the middle of the table and did not eat too much thanks to, but the Pacers for the past three years have been planted in the heat of the hands of the. Now the Cavs won the championship after the morale, they look forward to the new season finals again. For pedestrians, the replacement of the coach and the introduction of a number of new aid for the team injected new vitality. Team leader George said that with the continuous progress of the team will be able to defeat the knight. "Any talented team needs time to run in, I think we have come to the right direction, and the only thing we need is to get new players into the team. Who said that our team would not be able to make a difference this season?" George said. "When the Miami heat began to use the big three, Lebron – James, – and – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – on the other hand, they beat us more than once, on the other side of the world, with the heat of the heat of the moment." "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ". So now we have formed a strong team, I hope the team can climb." George suffered a major injury in the leg fracture recovery, the state gradually picked up and once again returned to the all star level. This summer he joined the national team to participate in the Rio Olympics, fully demonstrated their strength. "You don’t want to feel like you’ve been wasting your time, and you don’t want to let things slip away. I have had the worst experience in the league, but I am grateful to my teammates for keeping the team competitive. After I return again after we reached the playoffs, now our goal is to unseat James and knight." George said. Walk in the summer Geoff Teague and Eyre Jefferson into the squad, the team will become the Teague attack organizer, and the technical characteristics of Jefferson Macmillan’s coaching style is very suitable. The two of them will allow George to join the offensive and defense on the great help, while the Pacers will have a significant change in the offensive and defensive ends. (Wang VV)相关的主题文章: