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G20 healthy diet into a bright spot, but also delicious – health health source Sohu Sohu anti-cancer anti-cancer soldier Guide: "the memory is in Hangzhou," the literati gankui; "an earthly paradise", is said in praise. The early autumn of September, Hangzhou ushered in the G20 world summit. Such a remarkable meeting, what to eat, naturally become a major bright spot. According to the story, the summit of the most distinctive features of Hangzhou dishes, and is a pure natural production, such as Stir-fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves, Pine Mushroom Soup etc.. Today Xiaobian to introduce, the so-called state banquet for cancer with what benefits? Kidney nourishing effect: Dongpo stew meat: pork is rich in high quality protein and essential fatty acids, and heme (organic iron) and promoting iron absorption of cysteine, can improve iron deficiency anemia; tonifying the kidney and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and moistening effect. For the crowd: cancer patients with decreased hemoglobin consumption to correct anemia symptoms. Stomach intestines: Stir-fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves effect: the nutritional value of shrimp is very high, rich in protein, calcium, and low fat content with asparagus, cucumber, more nutrition, brain, stomach and intestines function; for the crowd: cancer patients jiubingtixu, shortness of breath fatigue, can be used as a therapeutic emaciation with sallow complexion. Tonic, healthy eating and fitness can be strong. Bugu Tiansui: the orange stuffed crab crab effect: contains protein and rich in trace elements, have very good nourishing effect on the body. The crab has Qingrejiedu, bone marrow and nourishing Tim tendons, Li Zhijie, nourishing liver yin, effect of filling juice, have a certain therapeutic effect on blood stasis, jaundice, lumbago and rheumatoid arthritis. The crab has anti tuberculosis effect on rehabilitation of tuberculosis of great importance. Suitable for the crowd: bone marrow, bone marrow, bone marrow. Spleen and stomach: osmanthus glutinous rice glutinous rice lotus effect: rich nutrition, strong tonic food temperature; with Buzhongyiqi, spleen and stomach, stop sweating effect, deficiency of the spleen and stomach, poor appetite, abdominal distension and diarrhea have a role in mitigation; glutinous rice has astringent effect on urination, good therapeutic effect of night sweats. For the crowd: cancer patients after surgery or radiotherapy and chemotherapy after replenishing qi and blood, enhance immunity. Yi in Qi: called flower chicken effect: also called the "beggar’s chicken", is named according to a legend. From a therapeutic perspective, chicken, sweet, tepid, with Qi, nourishing the five internal organs etc. interest in a variety of medical functions. The meat has a very good therapeutic effect on malnutrition, aversion to cold, fatigue fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness etc.. Suitable for the crowd: convalescent cancer patients, you can eat. The state had so much effect, and is suitable for cancer patients to eat, use the traditional characteristics and healthy ingredients to meet all the people, fully reflects our hospitality.相关的主题文章: