G20 Hangzhou summit commemorative stamps issued in August 27th, West Lake national card 9c8947

The G20 summit in Hangzhou commemorative stamps issued in August 27th in West Lake the national name card print edition commemorative stamps source: Evening News G20 summit will soon be held in Hangzhou, for such a large event, we should use what way to commemorate? Yesterday, the reporter from the Hangzhou Post reported money to a good news, Chinese post will issue the "2016 summit of the group of twenty Hangzhou" 1 set of 1 commemorative stamps in August 27th, to collect the stamps of the friends, don’t forget this up early on Saturday morning. Following the 1989 West Lake special stamps issued after the West Lake second on the "national" name card "of the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou in 2016 1" commemorative stamp set of 1 stamps, 1.20 yuan, stamp size 5030 mm. Commemorative stamps whole with light green color, feel natural and fresh, revealed a "total affordable woman’s light and heavy make-up.". Hangzhou stamp company staff told reporters that they are from Beijing and designers in communication to understand, the stamps content is different from the previous international conferences and commemorative stamps, in addition to the G20 summit in Hangzhou LOGO pattern contains the complete pattern, but also into the meeting held in Hangzhou West Lake bridge and scenery elements — silhouette Baochu pagoda, because West Lake is the most representative of Hangzhou’s natural scenery, so the scenery of West Lake, and the summit of LOGO integration, the set of stamps more Chinese features and southern charm. This is the 1989 Hangzhou West Lake special stamps issued, the second time on the board of West Lake, the national business card, but also the first major event to commemorate the international integration of local elements into the stamp of Zhejiang. Director of the Hangzhou municipal office stamp company Yang Jin told the money newspaper reporter, November 25, 1989, to show the Chinese landscape cultural landscape, People’s Republic of China Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issued a set of "Hangzhou West Lake" special stamps (T144) full set of 4 pieces, the total nominal value of 0.88 yuan. This set of stamps, select Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring Curved Yard and Lotus Pool in Summer, Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon, broken bridge landscape around the screen, reproduces the different scenery of spring and autumn and winter seasons in West Lake. At the same time issued souvenir sheet, the nominal value of 5 yuan. At present, the issue of this set of stamps are also appreciated, it is expected that the stamp and small Zhang market price of about 80 yuan." The group of twenty summit in Hangzhou in August 27th 8 offering stamps commemorating the "2016 summit of the group of twenty Hangzhou" commemorative stamps will be on the morning of August 27th 8 officially on sale, in order to facilitate the purchase, the sales will be carried out simultaneously in Hangzhou, the city’s 8 postal outlets, each person can buy 4 sets. This set of commemorative stamps, in addition to the issue of general format, will also issue a special form of silk stamps. The design of a special format stamp is the same as that of a common format stamp. Yang Jin said that the silk stamps since the founding of the release of a few special format stamps, this special format stamps to commemorate the form of the sale, the price of 300 yuan." In order to meet the demand of the public and collectors, China post will also issue summit souvenir, souvenir folders, No.相关的主题文章: