Fuzhou persimmon fruit vendor to inject to persimmon pedicle drop liquor ripening survey-beself

Fuzhou persimmon fruit vendor for investigation to the process of persimmon ripening injection liquor vendors to drop pedicle pedicle persimmon liquor droplet model. Taiwan network in November 3rd according to the Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) reported recently circulated on the Internet in the section called "Fuzhou persimmon fruit vendor for injection ripening" video, caused a lot of public concern. This video is real? What is the fruit seller to persimmon injection? This persimmon can rest assured to eat? Yesterday, the reporters came to the market fruit wholesale agricultural products logistics center refers to the video, surveyed more than and 10 shops that sell persimmon, some people use a syringe needle ripening, but no needle, and is more Erguotou. The net transfer of traders to persimmon media broadcast a video shot from the video of a Shandong TV exposure showed a fruit stall with a needle, the street to persimmon injections, very fast. The place marked in the video is the Fuzhou Strait fruit wholesale market". Video, the photographer asked: "what is this medicine? Hit can not eat?" The injection is answered: "ripener will kick off a soft persimmon, can eat." In the meantime, there are other consumers, said they did not dare to eat. Video publishers finally broke the news, the fruit vendor is likely to hit ripener ethephon. In the video, the TV station of Shandong local fruit vendor were interviewed and consulted the experts, found that ethephon ripening fruit is common. According to China’s food safety standards, reasonable use of Ethephon and other plant growth regulators can, but must control in the corresponding standard. If the dilution is injected into the ethephon persimmon, that is not to say. After the news broadcast, caused many people worried about Fuzhou. "Seen with limestone to persimmon deastringented injection, really heard, so you can eat?" Who lives in Jinan District Wu Barenboim said. Reporter survey found that there is no needle on the needle, then this video is in Fuzhou? What did the sellers inject? At noon yesterday, the reporter came to the Strait of Nantong agricultural and sideline products logistics center wholesale fruit market. In the market, can be seen everywhere selling persimmon merchants. After watching the video, many businesses said that the location of the video is indeed a fruit wholesale market, but which can not see the specific vendors. For the existence of the "injection" ripening of persimmon, fruit vendor have denied. "Don’t eat up astringent persimmon ripening, but could not use the way." Sell a persimmon sister said, a needle into the persimmon, persimmon skin damage, although easy to cooked, but also easy to break. "We see the Erguotou diluted with a brush in the base point, with a plastic bag to wrap up the ripening of persimmon." The elder sister said. A fruit vendor from Sanming after seeing the video, quickly explained, this is not in the shot, "that there is no syringe needle". See reporters questioned, he hastened to say that although the video is not their vendors, but they also useful to the syringe. Worried that the reporter did not believe, he also took out a syringe, syringe really do not have a needle. Traders drink is ripener that we just use the syringe without needle liquor ", in the bottom of a little persimmon, and then put these persimmons with plastic film sealed, can be cooked, not astringent." ;相关的主题文章: