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Business Mass Ceramic and Engineers is a leading company in the specific field of industrial heat treatment furnace and ovens manufacturing. We are in the field since 1998 and are manufacturing the product since 2010,it has been relentlessly working in the variable fields of Industrial Engineering Activities. The company with its registered office in Ahmedabad deals with complete engineering solutions for its clients in India. In addition to being manufacturer of Induction Furnace, we also undertake turn-key project of complete steel plant comprising of Induction Furnace, Industrial furnaces, Muffle furnace, Industrial Ovens, Laboratory furnace, Annealing Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnace, Scrape Heating Furnace. MANUFACTURERS AND EXPORTERS from India, Our electric muffle furnace is precisely designed to perfect to laboratory ensure high performance & low maintenance. Our Muffle Furnace is widely used in various laboratories, research departments and other laboratory operations. Mass Ceramic has over 15 years expertise in manufacturing, Our product range covers. Innovation and continuous on-going developments of technologies and systems for heat treatment have led to constant quality improvements of the treated components while cutting costs at the same time. In order to sustain a profitable growth and continue to bring the newest innovations to customers, we support an intensive in-house research & development department that provides direction and allocates resources toward the research, design and development of new and improved product lines for all our customers. Furnaces and Overseas has become a prominent name in manufacturing and exporting of furnaces and ovens. We take due care to ensure that our every product matches stringent quality standards. The cost we offer to our customers is something never seen before. ..massceramiceng../ In order to have improved market penetration and local service, the Mass Ceramic has its manufacturing units in Ahmedabad Gujarat Odhav Other efficient networks are situated at all strategic positions across the country. The .pany, since its inception has gained immense reputation and as of now, it has established a brand name in the market Mass Ceramic, is best known for its Operational Efficiency, Functional capability, Unbeatable Design & Workmanship. Mass Ceramic and Engineers has supplied numerous scrap pre-heating & drying ovens to .pliment our re-melt equipment. In today’s modern casthouses, safety is paramount thus leading to a higher demand of this type of oven. Mass Ceramic applies the worlds most advance technology plus state of the art digital temperature controller and indicator to produce one of the finest Muffle Furnace (High Temp) in the world. Its outstanding performance and excellence has made as one of the well known Muffle Furnace Supplier in India. Our designs incorporate high efficiency air re-circulation fans. We also integrate a nominal powered heating system either using gas, oil fired or electrical elements. This is to maintain the ovens heat input if the melter waste hot gasses are not sufficient to heat the load. The inner most lining will be with grooved refractory & pipe containing high percentage of alumina & with low iron content, which will hold the heating elements. The cerawool insulation work will .prise of 9 cubic inch module. The outer casing of the equipment consists of substantial mild steel plate of welded construction, suitably reinforced with angle section at the front. The other side of the furnace consists of thick gauge sheet reinforce with heavy angle and channel and removable top cover. At bottom wheel bogie travels on rails which is very much leveled and balanced. That to bogie can push in & pull out vary easily with help of geared motor. We will provide vertical door opening & closing system with counter balance supported by shaft bearing block and chain sprocket for easy operation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: