Fujian Memorial Fujian patriotic monk Ming Yang Zen members into the The Belt and Road – Beijing yuanjiao

Fujian Memorial Fujian patriotic monk Ming Yang Zen members into the "The Belt and Road – Beijing, Beijing, Fuzhou, September 3 (Lin Chunyin Liu Kegeng) Fuzhou Ming Yang Jackson Memorial Day 3 opening, from Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, the United States, Japan and other religious celebrities were gathered together. In memory of the famous" Marine Silk Road along the national area of Fujian patriotic monks. A centenary afterflame chuandeng, a method to renew their Zen vein. Ming Yang, vice president of Jackson’s own pupils and Secretary of the Buddhist Association of Fujian Province, Fuzhou Kaiyuan Temple Abbot monk nature said today to commemorate the Ming Yang, is the "Zen sea", through the promotion of Fujian Buddhist culture to go out and help Fujian into the "The Belt and Road". Fuzhou entered three lanes and seven lanes of ancient street, lane two silver wash camp covers an area of 800 square metres of elegant jingshe "Kaiyuan courtyard" is the Ming Yang Jackson memorial. The nature of the monk monk to lead the public, photographs, books, paintings and documentaries, recalling the life and legend of Dharma Yang qiming. As of twenty-first Century September 3rd, Hester buddhism. The important activities of the Fujian forum, Fuzhou Ming Yang Jackson Memorial Hall in Fuzhou three square seven Lane opening opened. Reporter Liu Kegeng Chang Ming Yang was born in Fuzhou in 1916 three square seven Lane home at the age of 10 in a family of scholar, Fujian monk master Yuan Ying door to. Young Ming Yang, with master Yuan Ying twice went to Southeast Asia Anti Japanese propaganda, tortured by the Japanese, has a close call; in the last century at the beginning of 90s led a delegation to visit Taiwan, the "ice breaking", became the Buddhist community to visit Taiwan first person. A unique "world map", with the red line marked Ming Yang Dharma overseas footprint. In his later years dedicated to overseas preaching, 11 went to Japan and toured more than and 20 countries and regions, China urged Buddhism and overseas religious circles closely connected. "Ming Yang is a patriotic monks, is one of the ten famous Chinese monk," known as Burma monk King chairman of Burma’s National Committee and former deputy · the monks Bataan; Gu de la elders, acts of kindness to the Xinhua reporter Yuan Ying and Yang Ming was founded in the refugee shelter after the Lugou Bridge incident, praised the spirit of patriotism master, "Ming Yang worthy of our eternal memory". North American Association President De Qing Tibetan living Buddha, Burma National Committee, former vice chairman of Badana della elder monk, vice president of the Buddhist Association of Fujian province and secretary general, Fuzhou Kaiyuan Temple abbot, Ming Yang Jackson Memorial curator nature monks and other overseas monks and guests together for the memorial opening ceremony. Photo by reporter Liu Kegeng "we commemorate Ming Yang here, the pulse method continuation of Yuan Ying, but we have not only in this room, but all over the world." Ming Yang served as curator of the memorial hall of the nature of the monk pointed to the walls from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Kampuchea and Qinghai Regong Thangka paintings said, "borrow Zen friends, but we do not emphasize the sectarian and languages, only emphasized the" Buddhist "two words". Fujian is a city of Buddhist culture China, Asian Buddhism almost all fujian. In the "The Belt and Road" under the vision of senior monks at home and abroad to commemorate the Ming Yang master, enhance friendship, become the traditional method of letter)相关的主题文章: