Friends of science and technology and Tongji University keen strategic cooperation, to create

Friends of science and technology and Tongji University keen strategic cooperation, to create intelligent travel to new heights – Sohu cars today, smart car once a year in the future challenge in Jiangsu Changshu officially opened the tournament, and by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the government of Changshou City "China intelligent vehicle integrated technology research and test center" to provide support, and carry out the game in the completion of construction of the first phase of testing site. The tournament lineup, registration from universities, research institutions and enterprises and other 27 teams, 23 teams participated in the tournament, today’s Jiangsu Changshu tournament for the first time the implementation of UAV and unmanned vehicle collaborative, by CCTV and other media interviews this session of the game. Tongji University also sent led by assistant professor Zhao Junjiao’s "Tu Ling TiEV" to participate in the competition. Zhi jun learned from friends driving Zhong Department of science and technology, science and Technology Co Shanghai friends has recently reached a strategic cooperation with Tongji University, cooperation in the field of intelligent vehicle chassis control system and automatic driving system etc.. Friends of Shanghai Zhong technology was founded in 2015, is a new super LCD instrument R & D and production enterprises, because of its excellent system modeling and design research and development ability and cool fashion, in less than a year time period, many automobile companies are concerned. Tongji University as the domestic first-class research institutions in the field of intelligent vehicles and automatic driving research has been in a leading position, with outstanding achievements in scientific research has become the main source of many automotive manufacturers technical transformation. The two sides reached a strategic cooperation, sincere friends of science and technology will provide support for vehicle chassis control system and automatic driving auxiliary system of automatic driving technology research of Tongji University, friends of Zhong technology business will also enter the system and automatic driver assistance system to control the vehicle chassis from the original super LCD instrument market. With the continuous deepening of intelligent vehicle, vehicle system is extending from entertainment, navigation and other simple functions into the car’s brain. In the control system of intelligent vehicle, the Linux operating system is widely used in the automotive industry because of its open source and security. Just like the computer’s Windows system and the phone’s Andirod and IOS systems, has become a basis for the existence of the framework and platform. The traditional control system requires high real-time performance, which requires the system to respond quickly to external events within a limited period of time. With the real-time Linux bottom open operating system support, more and more external car networking function and technology can be realized and the display, also have a more simple way to achieve communication network protocol stack and more, which makes remote monitoring of vehicle and debugging possible. As one of the most widely used operating systems, Linux system has a wide range of applications in the field of ROS (robot operating system) and artificial intelligence. The design and development of super LCD instrument technology are good friends before the work is completed based on Linux open source system based on the technology, the company has deep reservoir.相关的主题文章: