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Follow the Rockets to harden? Pacers president Max George gratified to re sign George and Bird sina sports news Beijing time on September 22nd, according to the "Indiana star" reported, the Pacers President Larry – Bird said in an interview today, if Paul George prepared for it, the Pacers and his willingness to re sign a a maximum salary contract. Bird made the remarks at an event sponsored by the Pacers foundation. He also revealed that this summer and George discussed the contract. Since entering NBA, Paul – George has quickly grown into a star of hope, and is regarded as the core of the pacers. In 2013, George signed a 80 million year contract with the Pacers at least $5. He has 3 years left on his current contract, and George’s salary is $18 million 100 thousand and $19 million 300 thousand over the next 2 seasons. The last 1 years of the contract has a player option, valued at $20 million 500 thousand. According to the NBA agreement: if a player to play in the NBA for 6 years or less (George this year just played 6 years in the NBA), so his top salary standard only accounted for 25% of the top salary cap; but if he played in the NBA for 7 to 9 years, so he’s the top salary standard for top salary cap 30%. In this way, the annual salary gap will reach about $5 million. Of course, George can also choose to play the current contract for the next 2 years, and then out of the contract in the summer of 2018 and become a non restricted free agent. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: