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Folkpoet point "students" the message is transferred to the bank card 23 thousand – Beijing Second "smart as a rule, confused. I did not expect the old to be bizarre telecommunications fraud!" Recently, Mr. Chen, who lives in Yubei to the Chongqing Morning Post reporter, said he cheated more than 23 thousand yuan. In the loss of the same time, Mr. Chen hopes to use their own experience to the public to wake up: to protect the privacy of individuals, and text messages encountered on the link WeChat, do not easily click. Links with the reunion was Mr. Chen SMS virus is a well-known folk poet, his disciples across the country and abroad, though over seventy, but still thought acuity. Therefore, he micro-blog, WeChat, a lot of friends, but the vast majority of people only know his screen name, he never revealed his real name to strangers. He is using two smart phones, which is rare among peers. Speaking of being cheated by the bizarre, so far still make the old mr.. The story is simple: before the national day, he received a mobile phone text message: "Chen XX classmates, this is the students to sort out the album and mail list, although not youth, but friendship is permanent, similar to the 2017." SMS with the old Mr Chen’s real name, but before this, he did participate in a gathering of students, so he thought it was a classmate sent SMS, inadvertently place a moment, then party photos flashed, but did not open mail list, mobile phone no abnormal. He thought it was too slow, and the night has been deep, so the rest. The Internet found abnormal, 23 thousand was transferred in batches of third days, Mr. Chen used mobile phone Internet card, began to think that the problem is speed, but the operators, not the speed problem, then he began to clean up the garbage in the process, mobile phone, suddenly jumped a hint: "a malicious web site." He will immediately delete a malicious web site, but the heart is still somewhat disturbed. Because Mr. Chen mobile phone launched WeChat wallet and financial management function, is bound to a bank card, the two day early in the morning, he rushed to the counter check, since then he was found two days, the bank card money was to 30-5000 yuan each time the amount is divided 20 times to turn away 23000 yuan. Bank bills show that these are transferred away money, some of the head office debit card payments, some are BANCS card other payments". In the meantime, Chen Lao’s cell phone did not receive any SMS reminder. Even more surprising is that his cell phone seems to have been controlled to the frequency of once per second to a 158 start of the Suzhou mobile phone number to send information. At the same time opened a WeChat large payment function. Subsequently, Mr. Chen called the police. Called on relevant departments to set up a few line of Mr. Chen told the Chongqing morning news reporters, after several days of his investigation, still on the fraud process remain perplexed despite much thought, "however, there should be no master password liar bank card, otherwise the money will be transferred to light. But why didn’t the bank set up a software to take action against such malicious and frequent transfers? In addition, the virus in the phone is manipulated to相关的主题文章: