Fireman call zipper need tents Beijing – 117 thousand men cheat-punyu

"Fireman" call – 117 thousand men cheat zipper need tents Beijing Huaxi City reading news (reporter Liu Yangu, Ann Fuqiang), a man in Guangyuan suffered telecommunications fraud, by a fake fire forces emergency zipper instructors to need tents cheated 117 thousand yuan. In February, Guangyuan City area Jialing police cracked the fraud, and money will be returned to the victim. In April 9th 15 pm, Guangyuan man Zhang to the police said he received a phone call claiming to be the Ya’an fire instructor, with each other after troops tour tents needed by defrauding 117 thousand yuan. After receiving the report, police immediately set up a task force Jialing, Ya’an, Henan and other places to carry out investigation and evidence collection. After two months of effort, the police locked the suspect Chen et al in Henan Zhumadian frequent activities, and of their place of residence for 24 hours of uninterrupted Dunshou, when the time is ripe, the police carried out the arrest of the suspect Chen et al. After the trial, Chen and others confessed to the crime. The police recovered all the money 117 thousand yuan, and contact the victim get cheated money. In August 26th, Zhang will have a written "Eagle sword, walking tall the banner to the police station, to express their gratitude.相关的主题文章: