Fire wells change Fountain water column up to 20 meters-3edyy

Fire wells "Fountain" water up to 20 meters from the ground 20 meters high water column ejected. Photographer Yan Yuying "bang" sound, jump up the roadside fire wells 20 meters high fountain "". It is understood that the valve damage caused by improper operation of suspected roadside construction. About 14 o’clock yesterday, the forest zoo in front of the spring road pavement upload a loud noise from the ground, then spray a huge water column. Nearby residents said, "jets of water from 20 meters high, more than two lampposts together, like a fountain." A large amount of water gushing out along a DC Yingchun road to the Northeast road. Soon, water supply repair department staff rushed to the scene, after the closure of the valve, the water was slowly stopped. Reporters from the customer service staff in Dalian city tap water Group Co., Ltd. Department learned that the fire wells valve fracture, resulting in a 300 mm diameter pipeline maintenance water and tap water, affected by this, Yingchun Road, spring one or two, Lane three or four, the surrounding water pressure. Reporters learned that the repair work ended at 16:30 yesterday, the area gradually returned to normal water. Reporters from the Dalian heating Refco Group Ltd was informed that the spring road boiler room of their company is located in the water area, and the boiler room responsible for heating area of more than 400 thousand, "a short period of time without water has little effect on heating water, but if the time is too long, it will affect the heating network water, which may cause a certain impact on households the heating." Reporter Tong Liang

消防井变“喷泉”水柱高达20米 从地面喷出20多米高水柱。摄影记者阎昱颖   “砰”的一声巨响,路边的消防水井蹿起了20多米高的“喷泉”。据了解,该处阀门损坏疑为路边施工操作不当所致。   昨日14时左右,森林动物园门前的迎春路旁便道上传来一声巨响,随后从地面喷出一股巨大的水柱。附近的居民说,“水柱喷起20多米高,比两根路灯杆加起来还要高,就像一个大喷泉。 ”   大量清水喷涌而出,沿着迎春路一直流到了东北路上。很快,供水抢修部门的工作人员赶到现场,将阀门关闭后,溢水这才被慢慢止住。记者从大连市自来水集团有限公司客服工作人员处了解到,该处消防井阀门断裂,导致一根直径300毫米的自来水管道需要停水维修,受此影响,迎春路、迎春一、二、三、四巷周边停水降压。记者了解到,抢修工作于昨日16时30分结束,上述区域供水逐渐恢复正常。   记者从大连供暖集团有限责任公司获悉,他们公司的迎春路锅炉房位于停水区域,而这个锅炉房负责供暖面积超过40万平,“短时间内停水对供暖没有太大影响,但如果停水时间过长,就会影响供热管网补水,届时可能会对住户家中的供暖造成一定的影响。 ”   记者佟亮相关的主题文章: