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"Female Medical Biography" Guangdong will broadcast the Ming Dynasty Princess goddess of medicine in the four corners of love – Sohu entertainment "female biography" medicine Princess full lineup poster Sohu entertainment costume legendary inspirational drama "female biography" medicine princess will visit Guangdong TV prime time broadcast, Liu Shishi, Wallace Huo, Huang Xuan, Yuan Wenkang to return to the screen in the four corners of love, a the high handed Emperor Zhu Qizhen (Wallace Huo ornaments), one is "boy" the younger brother Zhu Qiyu (Huang Xuanshi), a man in Mongolia is also the first (Yuan Wenkang ornaments), the Ming Dynasty female physician yoonhyun how to choose; and in the face of prosperity but Daming state Confucianism harsh, feudal and secular concept of women’s low status. What is the impact of yoonhyun how to break the strict social restraints, initiated and established female medical system? With the view of "female biography" hot medicine princess story comb! The four corners of love feelings clearly passionately devoted old cadres end to no avail of Tan Yunxian’s love is the most colorful chapter in the. The play, Wallace Huo played the Ming Yingzong fell in love with Liu Shishi as Tan Yunxian, even Tan Yunxian and brother in Ming Dynasty (Huang Xuan decoration) married, he still can’t let go of his love. Zhu Qizhen overbearing love, "three thousand weak yipiao", Wallace Huo put the small deep love, love the responsibility of the interpretation of the most incisive, capturing a large number of audience’s heart. Unfortunately, Tan Yunxian’s feelings for him from the beginning of the friendship slowly sublimated to the family, but never love. Yoonhyun and Zhu Qiyu (Huang Xuan ornaments) reflects the feelings of love is full of love in reality, suspicion, anxiety, worry about personal gains and losses, although he is expensive for the emperor, still can not get rid of man’s selfish and despicable, because you care so out of control. While yoonhyun and Zhu Qizhen (Wallace Huo ornaments) love is more ideal, between them is valuable to understand and accompany. "The female consort" medicine is not the first time Wallace Huo played the emperor, but in the lost love, friends said very distressed. In Mongolia, the chief oyrad first (Yuan Wenkang ornaments) entering the Central Plains, because Tan Yunxian was saved by The climate does not suit one. female doctors, first born heart admiration. To be changed, when the civil aviation, but also the first to meet again with Tan Yunxian, which makes the original complex love triangle rose to four cents. First Mongolia prairie man Frank character, completely different from the Qizhen Zhu Zhu Qiyu two brothers, he gave yoonhyun brought non general feeling of love ". Some netizens said that "in the premiere of attitudes towards love Zhujiajian brothers suck, I am yoonhyun, might also choose this prairie man," frank!" Autumn screen positive energy female medical deduction detonated women struggle history state prosperity but harsh Daming ethics, women’s low status, no medicine, high refractory. Tan Jiawei medical family, ancestors of generations are caused by the physician, he framed and suffered from left Zuxun, crowning calamity, the later shall not practice. But the wise Tan Yunxian small monasteries, with the grandmother secretly to study Chinese medicine knowledge, not only Xuanhujishi, healing hands, the ordinary people’s praise and support, more gradually to save the world women’s heart. Yoonhyun with obsession and love for the cause of the medicine, not only in medicine, eclectic, extensive collection from a faction, more.相关的主题文章: