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Home-and-Family Where is the focus on women’s fashion watches? Watches are not just there to help you keep track of time. They’re an accessory, and is the case with any other accessory, needs to be matched properly with the outfit. Sure, chainlink watches are classic in their appeal. They’re sturdy and they’re strong. However, the most fashionable always have a variety of styles from which to choose. Your watch could be just as unique as your style. Different accessories just work with different ensembles. If you’re wearing a blouse, skirt, or anything light an airy for warm weather, especially if it’s short sleeved, a chainlink watch just looks out of place. Watches with leather straps, cuffs, or bangles look great for spring and summer weather. They’re sheik, lighter, and just look better with the rest of the outfit. So the question is not, "which watch is better?" Instead you should be asking, "which watch do I need to .plete my look?" Urban looks can be found in stainless steel and minimalist designs. Country and sporty looks are best found in leather cuff watches. If you just take a look at some of the Ladies’ Fossil watches, DKNY watches, or Swatch watches. The cuff and bangle look is just in right now. Stainless steel bangles are super sleek and very urban. They .e with rectangular faces, in a bezel encasing, and often you will find that the bangle .es trimmed with crystals. Most designs are skinny-wristed and thin. However, there are some gorgeous wide bangle DKNY watches available with a crystallized bracelet. They’re professional enough for work and stylish enough for dinner and drinks with friends. The most .mon color is silver, but the gold-toned steel is fairly popular. Your other fashion option is to go with leather. Cuff watches are a little more playful. They .e either flat, woven, and wrapped. They have a rustic and adventurous appeal that the bangle watches can capture. Unlike with the stainless steel bangle you will notice that the cuff watches can feature either the classic round face or the rectagular one. The woven and patterned designs verge on Western, whereas the wraps are sleeker and modern. You can find them in dark browns, light tans, and white. It just goes to show that traditional looks can be given a new flair. You don’t have to settle for one look. Maybe one of these options looks better than the typical chainlink watch. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: