Fan Bingbing posted sterilization publicity photo issued a document egg sadness sexhu

Fan Bingbing posted "sterilization publicity photo posting:" Sina entertainment news egg sadness screenshot micro-blog netizens according to Taiwan media reported on November 6th, Fan Bingbing met Li Chen through the drama [micro-blog] [micro-blog], the young couple love often after the public opening of flash, before uploading photos wearing a ring, was mad the secret after marriage also, the couple photo. However, on the 6 day she posted on the "sterilization" publicity photos, shocked fans. Fan Bingbing go out shopping, not only able to pick Li Chen’s clothes, Li Chen starred in the TV drama is to broadcast, every one of the super understand the plot development, is well aware of her boyfriend, she did not expect the 6 day was posted on sterilization publicity photos, write "egg sadness", let netizen super surprisingly, it is her cat was sent to a vasectomy, let people a false alarm. Some fans also specifically labeled Li Chen, wrote "Li Chen suddenly saw a tight crotch, next is Li Chen", for fear of super idol. Fan Bingbing’s cat looks really melancholy, netizens also played a creative, have for it under the OS, "I was a waste cat, where I am, who I am, no hope ah meow…" (ETToday) (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: