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The F1 station is ranked: Hamilton Ferrari lost the pole Red Bull station Hamilton won the pole position in October 23rd 2016 Tencent sports season F1 US grand prix qualifying competition today. The Mercedes team of Hamilton in 1 minutes 34 seconds 999 won the pole, 0.216 seconds behind teammate Rosberg ranked second, Red Bull team of Ricardo and Vista Pam were ranked third and fourth, while Ferrari’s Raikkonen and Vettel were ranked fifth and sixth, the three team once again swept the top three rows of the grid. Before the information before the three free practice session, Hamilton and Rosberg each scored one of the fastest lap, the third session of the fastest lap was Red Bull team of Vista Pam, which means that the station competition will be fierce. Today Austen track good weather, the track temperature is not very high, very good for the team to play. At present, Hamilton in the driver’s standings have fallen behind the team 33 points, so the game is not allowed to lose. Q1: the fastest Hamilton Barton out of regret at 2 am Beijing time, the qualifying kicks off. The force India team Peres first track team, Ma Lo Weil Lai took the lead to 1 points in 39. 319 seconds later, Mercedes driver began to debut, Hamilton made 1 minutes 36 seconds 520 occupy the top position, Rosberg with 1 points, followed by 296 for 36 seconds. Red Bull team of Vista Pam Heli card despite the use of super soft tyres, but could not exceed two Mercedes driver grades. The Ferrari team this weekend’s performance has not been very good, mark Vettel couldn’t even enter the 1 minutes and 37 seconds, Raikkonen’s performance was also the force India team Hogan Berg down, Alonso narrowly escaped relegation, but Barton did not make a slow effect due to faster performance. Hamilton eventually won the qualifying fastest lap, followed by Rosberg and Vista Pam, 6 drivers were eliminated, Barton, Grosjean, Magnuson, Rhine, Nasser and AOKANG. Q2: Ricardo Karen Q2 began to seize the top step The whole army was wiped out. two Mercedes driver, continue to use the soft appearance, Rosberg took the lead to 1 points 36 seconds 351 results temporarily occupy the top, Hamilton in a bend when locking the wheels, 0.1 seconds behind teammate. The Red Bull team of Ricardo then used the super soft made 1 minutes 36 seconds 255 up to the first, Ferrari’s performance will continue to moderate. Vettel and Raikkonen were ranked fourth and fifth, respectively. Peres, the India power team, has some problems and has been struggling in the relegation zone. In the last 5 minutes, several drivers have to lead back to the pits, and the relegation driver or the last stroke, Alonso does not have to be able to enhance their performance, with 1 minutes 37 seconds 417 temporarily in twelfth place, while Peres also very struggle. The final Red Bull team under the fastest lap in this section, followed by Rosberg and Hamilton, the drivers were eliminated by the loss of Peres, the loss of the 6相关的主题文章: