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Vacation-Rentals Enjoy Christmas climbing the Great Wall, sightseeing in Beijing, tackling terracotta warriors & head to the thrilling Harbin Ice Festival to celebrate New Year Chinese style! On this exciting China tour which starts and finishes in Beijing you will explore the centre of Beijing, including massive Tiananmen Square and the sprawling Forbidden City. Boasting some 9999 rooms, the city within a city was once the sole preserve of the Chinese emperors. Take rickshaws to the Hutongs areas of Beijing later in the afternoon and get ready for exploring the Great Wall of China the following day with your local guide who guides this China tour. Drive beyond Beijing to Badaling, where you can walk a section of the famous Great Wall. Climbing the Great Wall on Xmas day, now that"s something special. The wall is a little steep in sections, but the photo opportunities are worth a million dollars and what China Tour is .plete without a visit to the Great Wall? Early this morning we walk to Peony Square to watch or partake in a little exercise. Hundreds of local people enjoy their daily exercise by practising ballroom dancing, performing tai chi, sword fighting and play sports like badminton and hacky sack in the early hours of the morning. This is a real highlight on the China Tour! Next it"s the Terracotta Warrior archaeological site where some 7,000 warriors stand in battle ready position and a factory that shows how the terracotta figurines were crafted. Then the highlight of the China tour lies in Sun Island Park, Harbin, the incredible Ice Sculpture festival where you will get to celebrate New Year in typical Chinese fashion! The festival is open to visitors from 20 Dec, (though the official festival opening occurs on 05 Jan). This is a wonderful time to visit as carvers may still be adding the most intricate of detail to their masterpieces. In previous years we have seen just that! This evening on your China tour you will head out to Zhaolin Park to further view the mamouth creations stunningly illuminated with thousands of coloured lights. Before the stroke of midnight we will take a prized position in our hotel bar. Ring in the New Year new found friends on your China tour ac.panied by plenty of lights, ice and local ‘Dragon Fire – Spirit’ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: