Executive meeting of the State Council to promote the development of the service sector and economic-3u8813

The State Council executive meeting: to promote the development of service industry and economic transformation and upgrading – Beijing, Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting decided to further expand domestic consumption policies and measures to promote the development of service industry and economic transformation and upgrading of the deployment continued to deepen the reform of commercial system more reduce system cost of innovation and entrepreneurship Premier Li Keqiang October 14th chaired a State Council executive meeting to determine the further to expand domestic consumption policies and measures to promote the upgrading of service industry development and economic transformation; deployment continued to deepen the reform of commercial system, a greater decrease of the cost of system innovation. The meeting pointed out that, in line with the expectations of the masses, in order to improve the reform and innovation in the field of consumer services, especially in the field of effective supply, make up the short board, help to improve people’s livelihood, foster new economic development momentum. Over the past few years to take a series of policies, a strong impetus to the expansion of consumption, and promote the development of the service industry and manufacturing quality improvement, supporting the economic transformation and upgrading. The next step is to eliminate the constraints of pension, education, sports and other consumer institutional barriers. Clean up the cancellation of the unreasonable pre approval of the pension institutions to support the idle old factories, office space and the transformation of public training centers, nursing homes and other transformation into pension facilities. The for-profit private schools set up in accordance with the law can be self pricing, and encourage the development of Sino foreign cooperative education in the field of science and technology workers and peasants, the intersection of the country’s urgent needs and weak gaps. During the year to complete the first batch of sports organizations and agencies decoupling pilot, promote the reform of the professional league, to promote the school, enterprises and sports facilities open to the community. Two to increase the effective supply of tourism, culture and other fields. The implementation of rural tourism trunk action. The improved quasi driving caravan management, the introduction of the policy of land caravan camp. Gradually enter the international cruise liner 15 days visa free policy expanded to more ports to explore the pilot yacht rental business. Guiding opinions on the development of digital cultural industry. Timely to the cultural and creative product development to promote the pilot to meet the requirements of the municipal cultural relics units. Three to be issued guidance on the fitness and leisure industry to accelerate the development of local conditions, development of ice and snow, mountain, water, automobile, aviation and electronic sports and other outdoor sports, supporting the construction of the camp, wharf and other facilities, the development of folk fitness projects, improve equipment R & D manufacturing capacity. Four to promote the upgrading of traditional consumption. To break a single brand of car sales license to expand the scope of parallel imports of motor vehicles pilot provinces and cities. To develop energy saving and environmental protection technology products catalog, promote green building materials consumption. On the implementation of domestic and international consumer goods with the same line with the same standard". Fifth, optimize the consumption environment. By relaxing access to attract social investment to increase the supply of consumer goods and services. Strengthen quality and safety supervision. To improve the quality of urban consumer goods, such as consumer goods distribution and cold chain logistics capabilities, increase urban and rural farmers market and logistics facilities and other support. Accelerate the construction of smart home, pension services and other standards. In order to meet the needs of the elderly, the disabled, injured patients with urgent needs, the meeting decided to accelerate the rehabilitation aids industry development measures, clearly increased taxation, social security and other policy support, the rehabilitation aids industry into the public record Crowdsourcing all helped raise public finance.相关的主题文章: