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Every smoker is a walking nuclear warhead? Sohu – health Ding Xiangyuan, little Ding Ding, the two day put a big scare many parties face, are said that according to the people’s understanding of things is that you, the naughty little Ding Ding made a WeChat — "the strongest radiation in the world, is actually the place! ", introduced a Derek called Muller physicist (but Wikipedia said that he was just an Australian Canadian science communicators, director and TV presenter), recently explored about the earth’s radiation on the highest place. Travel around the world, eat a lot of root banana Derek Muller finally concluded that the world’s most powerful place is the smoker’s lungs! Mr. Derek Muller, are you kidding me? The maximum radiation place is not a nuclear power plant leaks in Chernobyl and Fukushima is not to have the atomic bomb in Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki that you and me around ordinary people??? Are you me kidding, is every smoker a walking nuclear warhead? And like the next door to Caoxian, the kind of accidentally leaked easily detonated easily? It is said that this report seen little Ding Ding first reaction after many smokers are no small Ding Ding reports are inconclusive as a senior medical science workers or people’s Jun advised us to quit smoking as soon as possible, because the story from second-hand smoke is people’s Jun would like to explore another truth Derek Muller said: "research shows that cigarette with radioactive polonium and lead the lungs, every year a smoker is affected by radiation of 160000 microsieverts!" 160000 micro West, is a large amount? For an CT scan, will accept the radiation intensity of 7000 microsieverts; Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant around the residents, life will be radiation of 10000 microsieverts; ionizing radiation in the outer space, there is no barrier. So the astronauts on the space station – for example, we are in the space of space hero Jing Haipeng, Chen Dong, within six months, they will receive a 80000 micro radiation…… Behind every "cool", have to pay a huge price of radiation is so big, but fortunately I scared baby ~ da! Who! This! Day! It! To! Back! Home! By! Come, come, come with you to be a people’s Jun 80000 *2=160 000 calculation mean years of smoking a cigarette, is sitting Tiangong two through 1 years of the universe? 10000 *12=160 000 means smoking a year of cigarettes, it is equal to the depth of Japan’s Fukushima swim for 12 times? 7 breath相关的主题文章: