Every driver is passengers from Zhongshan to Guangzhou. The hijacking passerby is still captu dachiyouxiang

Every driver is "passengers" from Zhongshan to Guangzhou to hijack   criminals installed "passerby" still captured — Guangdong channel — people.com.cn original title: the driver drops hijacked River team sword save the suspect Kwak was patrol brigade staff uniforms Liuxihe protection. Guangzhou Daily reporter Qiu Weirong photo October 4th morning, two Guangzhou river protection brigade patrol team of Liuxi River suddenly heard on patrol when a car in a shout of "help!" Two players immediately went to see. At this time, the car is a man knife out, threatening two players, that failed to work and ran. So tired of the driver Zhang river said that the members of a partner at knifepoint by him locked in the car. Ask the friend zhuangshachongleng, said, do not know a knife, by the river team uniform on the spot seized and turned over to public security organs. This holiday, the driver Zhang drops, is suffered cry moment holiday. The morning of October 4th, Zhang was taken to the Guangzhou Baiyun District and the town of Liuxi River, Water Bureau under the city of Guangzhou was to patrol in the vicinity of Liuxi River Basin Management Office patrol protection brigade patrol found for the first time, two field patrol courageous rescue, the driver kidnapped by gangsters drops were rescued, and the one of the suspects control. The police encountered road inspections on the morning of October 4th 9, a detachment brigade patrol protection Liuxihe captain Wang Tianjing and his team in the routine patrol, patrol in time to reach the mussels lake near the primary school, found a black car parked on the roadside, the driver head shouting robbery, help!" Wang Tianjing a look, found that the copilot had a man holding a knife, beating on the driver’s face. Two inspection team immediately stop the cause of the probe. Man with a knife immediately rushed out of the car, waving a few players to run under the knife. Wang Tianjing in the chase after dozens of meters, due to fear of driver safety, call the other team members to support the inspection team with walkie talkie, after the incident to see the situation. This time the driver has to get off the car, Wang Tianjing said the car is also a gang of criminals, Zhang was locked in the car. Wang Tianjing ordered another suspect on the car to get off. The suspect denied said don’t know the man with a knife. Wang Tianjing while it unprepared, the suspect uniforms. From the car to a watermelon knife. Immediately call 110 alarm. Police officers and police officers rushed to the town and took away the suspects have been subdued. According to the driver Zhang recalled, he was in Zhongshan on the morning of 4 received a man, said to go to Guangzhou and find friends. To the people, and then picked up another suspect on the train, after the two suspects in the car after a knife hijacked zhang. Fortunately, brigade patrol patrol near the Liuxi River Protection arrived, Zhang no loss of property. At present, the police have a suspect detention to be controlled, and is pursuing another fugitive suspects. Similar emergency rescue is not isolated cases similar to the emergency rescue, patrol brigade for Liuxihe protection, is not the first place. The night of September 20th this year, a 13 year old girl was molested in the river)相关的主题文章: