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Europe tremble! The 3 edition of Guardiola on the strong array Mourinho shock sail Guardiola Manchester misogynist sina sports high-profile Manchester derby, Guardiola Mourinho to win again the end. Two people play in the field of 17, melon handsome data also refresh for the 17 battle of 8 wins, 6 draws and 3 losses. Such data, enough to illustrate Guardiola in the confrontation with the occupy advantage of rolling in the battle of Mourinho. The Manchester City Derby, also announced that the new city of melon handsome debut. Guardiola entered Manchester City this summer. The blue moon is the third team he coached, after Barcelona and Bayern are the top players in Europe, they have a strong rule in their respective leagues. In contrast, Manchester City in terms of dominance in the League obviously can not be compared with Bayern, barcelona. And this also means that, without a doubt, melon handsome want to create a city in line with their own minds, but also to pay more efforts. It is also the fact that, after Guardiola took over Manchester City, the reform of the team make snap. From the moment of entering Manchester City, Guardiola began to build their own team. Whether it is the tactical level, or staffing, Guardiola has been a major transformation of Manchester city. Tactical melon handsome Manchester City is clearly more focused on possession of the ball, the new season four Premier League games down, the blue moon’s average possession rate as high as 60.5%, ranking first in the Premier League top 20. The personnel, Guardiola this summer Howard hit 180 million pounds (Europe), the introduction of gundogan, sane, Bravo, Nuo Lituo, Susie and many other reinforcements. At the same time, Guardiola for not suitable for their own players also resolutely abandoned, such as Hart, yayatoure etc.. On the right for Manchester City data from the game against Manchester United’s game, melon handsome transformation for Manchester City has been quite effective. The road to face a red, blue moon everywhere Guardiola mark. Especially in the first 38 minutes, Manchester City played comparable to the dominance of the melon handsome barcelona. Before, 38 minutes before the Manchester shot 6 times two times for United, and 2 foot shot into the goal. Pass, Manchester City 255 terrorist foot pass the ball 86 feet to Manchester looks too horrible to look at. To see such a wanton hold against Manchester City, Manchester United fans heart back to the 2011 Champions League final, that night the face of terror Guardiola Barcelona, Ferguson hands are trembling. Manchester City 38 minutes before the terrorist front dominant Manchester City, but also to the British media thoroughly impressed. BBC for 38 minutes before the Guardiola Manchester praise: "Guardiola must be very happy, his team in the first 40 minutes of the game, with the accurate transmission and movement shows incomparable dominance, which includes 89 million for Mr. Pogba, Manchester United midfielder has been in fact." Watching the first half of Manchester City fans, can not help but think of the heart, Guardiola 3 version of the strong array formed. If you had said that the Barcelona is the 1 edition of the strong version of Guardiola, Bayern is the melon handsome version of the lineup, so now Manchester City, is undoubtedly the melon handsome version of the lineup 3. From the point of view of the game against Manchester United, melon handsome 3 version of strong array also take shape相关的主题文章: