Esther Sanlin community open community bus for illegal operation disappeared (video)-cashmere mafia

Esther Sanlin community open community bus to the illegal operation of super large residential area surrounding the Pudong disappeared from public transport "short board" and "illegal operation" phenomenon, but with the South Bus 1122 Road community shuttle bus opened and put into operation, the black car and black Moldova has disappeared almost in sight of community residents. Recently, in the Luheng road public transit hub, a 1122 road from Yi Road and road Jiong hub station of origin, has a larger passenger flow way and road, Lin Jiong Zhanlu, in the forest road and road, three road, Rong Shu Jiong and road, road to three Luheng Road station, the carriage was full. Transport capacity upgrade first day, until 9:30 in the morning, 1122 cars still large number of passenger flow, the public Chen aunt said happily, transportation capacity after the promotion of future travel is indeed more convenient, and now the basic car to go, no longer worry about not crowded bus. According to the Pudong police department, Pudong Sanlin Xinchun community covers an area of 4.2 square kilometers, a population of about 80 thousand people. The district is located in Pudong and Minhang two district at the junction of the residential community supporting large-scale integrated transport hub – Luheng road transit hub in Minhang District in. Between the transit hub and Esther community bus line bus lines is sparse and difficult to effectively cover the residents travel path, out of "the first mile" and "last mile" return as many residents headaches. The city forest community Esther Nga Court, according to the water park, Saatchi Nanyuan residents travel traffic must be brought to the market area, to the surrounding the black car, "illegal operation", so take advantage of the crack and enter not only caused serious "impact on road safety, more to the children on the school brought hidden trouble. Is the so-called snookering. The reporter learned that, with the official opening of Luheng Road comprehensive transportation hub, a large low-income housing surrounding Sanlin base residents travel is convenient. At the end of August and put into operation the 1122 road bus more convenient along the city forest Nga Court, according to the water park, green homes, prosperous Nanyuan residents travel, 1034 Road, 583 road and at the same time, the formation of network operation, to ensure the community bus without blind spots Salim esther. But with the increasing demand for travel, bus operators soon found that the surrounding public morning and evening peak travel is tidal growth, the original design of short barge minibus has been unable to effectively alleviate the demand of the public. Pudong police also found that the surrounding areas of the black car operators have emerged again. In view of this situation, Pudong police and bus companies work together to develop programs, on the one hand decisively to the bus 1122 road capacity upgrade, bus bus will be put into operation; on the other hand, resolutely crack down on the black car operating momentum. At present, along with the Luheng road integrated transport hub station comprehensive transportation hub directly to enable seamless integration into 8 line Luheng Road No. 1, the public transit hub in the station can directly transfer bus, so that the maximum benefit of public resource effectively. Yangtze River bridge closed the Nanjing ferry on Friday for pressure drills; & #8212; & #8212; three ferries involved in the operation interval shortened to 15 minutes a day (this video is only extended), move fingers, check traffic violations at any time! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal)

三林懿德社区开通社区巴士 让非法营运销声匿迹 浦东超大型居住小区周边因公共交通“短板”而出现了“非法营运”现象,不过随着上南公交1122路社区穿梭巴士开通并投入运营,这些黑车和黑摩的已几乎在社区居民视野里销声匿迹。近日,在芦恒路公交枢纽内,一辆1122路从懿行路和炯路枢纽站始发后,途经和炯路、林展路处已经有较大客流,在林德路和融路、三舒路、和炯路、三彩路至芦恒路枢纽站,车厢基本已满员。运能升级首日,直至早上9点半,1122路车厢内依旧客流众多,市民陈阿姨高兴地说道,运能提升以后今后出行确实更方便了,现在基本车到人走,再也不用担心挤不上公交了。据浦东交警部门介绍,浦东三林懿德社区占地4.2平方公里,居民约8万人。该小区地处浦东与闵行两区交界处,为该居住社区配套的大型综合交通枢纽—芦恒路公交枢纽设在闵行区内。公交枢纽和懿德社区之间公交线路稀疏,公交线路难以有效覆盖居民出行路径,出门“首个一公里”和回程“最后一公里”成为不少居民头痛之事。由于懿德社区内城林雅苑、依水园、盛世南苑等居民出行存在一定的交通盲区,给周边的黑车带来了市场,“非法营运”因此“乘隙而入”,不仅对道路安全造成了严重的影响,更给孩子们的上下学带来了隐患。正所谓疏堵结合。记者了解到,随着芦恒路综合交通枢纽站的正式启用,周边三林大型保障房基地居民出行大为便利。8月底投入运营的公交1122路更进一步方便了沿线城林雅苑、依水园、盛世南苑、绿波家园等居民出行,同时与1034路、583路形成营运网络,确保三林懿德社区公交无盲点。但随着出行需求的增加,公交运营方很快发现,周边市民早晚高峰的出行呈潮汐式增长,原先设计的短驳小巴已无法有效缓解市民需求。浦东警方也发现,盘踞周边小区的黑车运营有再度出现苗头。针对此情况,浦东警方与公交企业携手制定方案,一方面果断对巴士1122路的运能进行升级,将公交大巴投入运行;另一方面,坚决打击黑车运营势头。目前,随着芦恒路综合交通枢纽站全面启用,公交枢纽直接无缝对接轨交8号线芦恒路1号口,市民出站即可直接在公交枢纽换乘公交,使有效的公交资源效益最大化。 长江大桥周五封闭 南京轮渡进行抗压演练——三艘轮渡参与营运 间隔缩短至15分钟一班 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: