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Egg seeking enterprises into city price hedge   egg futures function gradually showing — food channel — original title: the egg market enterprises seek price futures hedging egg function gradually emerging from the 2014 "rocket eggs" to "eggs brother", increase the risk of volatility in the price of egg laying hens industry. With the continuous improvement of the scale of egg prices, as the country’s first fresh agricultural futures varieties, egg futures are increasingly becoming a safe haven to avoid price risk". Price fluctuations are not optimistic about the market this year, the market is very bad, in July this year, in mid – to late September egg prices are steadily rising, but this year abnormal." Xishui County, Hubei province egg industry association secretary general said. Hubei Jingshan County farmers egg price as an example, the end of May this year, the market is expected to the end of June lows in about 2.8 yuan per kilogram, but at the end of June when the price fell to 2.4 yuan per catty. In early July after the egg prices rebound, the market is expected to start in late July to pull up, but the result is not up down, the price fell to 2.8 yuan per catty. In this regard, the general manager of Hubei jiahemei Food Co. Ltd., Tieshan Yan believes that the egg market downturn, the decline in demand for both factors, there are vicious competition between the traders egg, exacerbated by egg price fluctuations. Changjiang futures researcher Pan Yuzhu believes that taking into account the madness of the first half of this year has become a fact that the column, the follow-up of the laying hens will continue to increase in the second half of the supply pressure will continue to increase, the market is not optimistic. At present, China’s egg farming industry is in a critical period of production from the scattered to large-scale, standardized production transformation." Chivas data chairman and CEO Huang Jinwen said that the limited market information and farmers macro judgment ability, become the stable development of the production scale of the "stumbling block", sharp fluctuations in egg prices, the impact of the industry healthy development. Egg egg futures for enterprises to actively use price in recent years, the rapid development of egg industry scale, egg prices in the face of sharp fluctuations in the market risk, the size of some enterprises are actively trying various modes, to avoid the risk of the futures market. Hubei Dan Dan Health Food Co., Ltd. financial manager Zhou Chang pointed out that the use of good egg futures market hedging costs and egg prices, will be able to lock profits. Therefore, enterprises specialized recruitment professionals, began to try to use the futures market "price + basis" from the August model to cycle from the original contract signed in January, expanded to 4 to 5 months of a sign. Yan Tieshan said that the egg futures delivery is to be familiar with the future market futures and spot docking situation, because the next year to February to worry about the price of eggs in the year April, the company is ready to sell at the right time short cover. In addition, in order to better understand the layers of the industry and the application of the futures market, the Dalian Mercantile Exchange, Futures Company recently held a number of egg futures training and seminars around the country. Some local governments have begun to attach importance to the value of the futures market in the development of the industry, encourage enterprises to use the futures market to carry out hedging operations, risk management. Awareness needs to be improved "futures + insurance"相关的主题文章: