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Easecredit financial: Draghi did not enlarge trick $a modest rebound in the European Central Bank on Thursday [micro-blog] interest rate resolution did not bring new ideas, all unchanged outcome of the market is difficult to have large fluctuations. The subsequent meeting of the conference president Draghi did not like before the release of the unexpected news. In the overall dull results, the dollar index rebounded. The United States in September 3rd when the weekly jobless claims to 259 thousand, the highest since mid July lows, lower than 265 thousand value and the previous value of 263 thousand, lower than 300 thousand for 79 consecutive weeks, the longest period since 1970; August 27th week continued jobless claims to 2 million 144 thousand, lower than the expected value of 2 million 151 thousand. Before the value from 2 million 159 thousand to 2 million 151 thousand. The latest monetary policy decisions of the European Central Bank announced on September 8th, as the market is expected to steady three interest rates: the deposit rate unchanged at -0.40%, the main refinancing rate unchanged at zero interest rates, the marginal lending mechanism remained unchanged at 0.25%, and quantitative easing (QE) scale unchanged at 80 billion euros. The European Central Bank President Delaki on Thursday (September 8th) said at a news conference, quantitative easing (QE) is effective, the European Central Bank focused on the implementation of QE, no time to discuss the extension of the debt purchase plan, also do not need more stimulus, because of changes in the magnitude of the current economic forecast is not enough to take action. China’s General Administration of Customs on Thursday (September 8th) announced that in dollar denominated exports in August fell by 2.8%, imports grew by 1.5%, better than the Reuters survey median -4% and -4.9%. August trade surplus of $52 billion 49 million, lower than the Reuters estimate of $58 billion. August imports hit a high point since October 2014, is also the first time since the turn of the month. Export decline is the narrowest since four months. Before August, China’s exports fell by 7.1% in dollar terms, imports fell by 9%. Friday’s market will be mainly from China and the United States data. After a number of data for the better, China’s inflation prospects will improve more critical, while the United States data slightly less than expected after the wholesale and retail, if continued weakness, the dollar or further pressure. Data points: 09 August 09 China August CPI annual rate of 7 rose after the Australian housing loan license number month rate of America in July wholesale sales rate of Canada August unemployment rate of technical analysis, the dollar index short-term trend, medium-term trend 94.20 key support 94 key resistance 97.40 $98 index Thursday in the ECB resolution and the conference after the bottom rebound, but remains at 95 below the operating state so long or difficult. After the release of the data, the September interest rate hike seems to have been less likely, but still need to pay attention to the Fed chairman Yellen interest rate outlook and statements. Friday if the United States data continues.相关的主题文章: