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Religion It appears that I’ve spent so much of my Christian walk trying to .prehend the nuances of how to make a healthy church .munity .e to life. The problem I have encountered, is the lack of simplicity the vast majority of what I’ve studied. The true church paradigm that our Lord Jesus demonstrated was most certainly one of simplicity. In lots of ways, it’s the manner of simplicity that produces anxiety for so many folks. The concept of simplicity is .monly connected to a person who is perceived as "simple" or stupid. The word simple is also misused to sell a ton of products and services that aren’t in fact as "simple" to use as the promoters would prefer us to think. In a world that almost worships the idea that "more is virtually always better," simple church can appear like a strong contradiction. The legacy church template is governed by professionals that have a far greater base of knowledge than the typical lay member. If the long standing church system they were a part of was easy to run, they would find themselves unemployed, which in large part explains why the system continues to exist in the same basic manner it has for hundreds of years. A quarter of a century ago I was informed that 50% of all the folks I would meet during the course of a business day, are lonely. A simple answer to that problem is for people to be friendly, to put in the time to listen to people, to take a genuine interest in what is happening in their everyday lives. But what if our daily lives are so crowded and hectic that we don’t possess the time or vigour to genuinely listen to those who we .e in contact with? What if the typical church structures we belong to don’t permit the necessary time for folks to share with each other, to "carry one another’s burdens," what then? Well the conclusion is rather clear: the typical Christian church has little relevance in today’s society because in large part the traditional church model doesn’t make space for it’s members to be listened to. People who have grown up outside the average church pay it a visit and soon realize that they don’t need to go outside to be overlooked and irrelevant, they can simply stay home to receive that type of treatment. Therefore, the brilliance of the simple church system originates in large part, in what isn’t being achieved as opposed to what is getting achieved. Sharing a meal together is rather simple and at the same time rather effective in building connections between individuals. There is no need for long sermons about how we ought to work on be.ing a unified body of believers. We only sit together and share some food, and in the process, be.e the body of Christ through our shared experience. The key is found in our capacity to stop doing the intricate things that don’t bring us closer together, so we can join in the simplistic endevours that do. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: