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Dustin to win the Confederations Cup championship will win? Wheat or into its final round will be a threat to Dustin war moves Beijing on September 25th news, the end of the third round of the Tour Championship, Dustin Johnson hit a single round of -1 (6 3 1 Shuangbai bird bogey bogey), the total score of -8, still ranked tied for first. Kevin was the one who tied him up. Rory – Mike Roy on Saturday played a bogey free -4, the total score behind 2 points in the ranks of the ranks of the top third, Johnson. The wheat to play well, Dustin had looked cautiously Fengshan Road, there are some small change…… If Dustin wins, there is no doubt that Dustin is still firmly in the hands of fate. If he can maintain his lead in the final round of the game, he will definitely get the FedEx Cup championship. The top five players in the tournament before the start of the tournament, are the masters of their own destiny – who won the tournament, who will win the annual championship and $10 million prize. Dustin is the best among the five people – Reed (T20), (T14), Dai Yi (withdrawal) can not be a real threat to the Sunday on the, (T7) is also very slim chance. Play a good game changing if wheat wheat wins, Dustin ranked second separate DJ still would win the championship. The end of the game after the award ceremony, there will be two players to receive the trophy – tour championship trophy with wheat, DJ is holding the FedEx Cup championship trophy. If the wheat wins, Dustin ranks second (or worse) in wheat to win the annual championship. "Obviously, there are a lot of possibilities, but I still try to play as low as possible on Sunday." Dustin said. If there is a situation of wheat to the end of the game leading 1 advantages, while Dustin is still on the eighteenth fairway? "I may be more aggressive." Dustin said. Can he lift two trophies on Sunday? Other players have the title of Chappell (T1): to win the Tour Championship, and DJ ranked ninth or worse. If DJ ranked ninth alone, he will enter the extension with DJ, decided to champion ownership. Ryan Moore (T3): to win the Tour Championship, and DJ ranked tied for eighth or less. Paul – (T7): won the tour championship. (source: PGATOUR)相关的主题文章: