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Travel-and-Leisure This year I have decided that I would like to have a holiday which is slightly different to what I usually go for. I often book a last minute package holiday and stay in one place for a week, but I feel that maybe it’s time I travelled around a bit and saw more of the destination that I have chosen to visit. The destination for this year’s holiday? The south of Spain, Malaga to be precise, but I think it would be great if I could explore a little further afield than seeing just this coastal region alone. So what are the travel options in the region? There are trains and buses which cover most of Andalucia, to the big cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Seville as well as to smaller destinations. However, if you want .plete freedom to not have to follow a public transport timetable and .e and go as you please, driving may be the best option. It’s not my ideal situation to drive all the way from my departure point of Manchester all the way to Malaga, so it looks like hiring a car in Malaga might be a good option. There is cheap and safe Manchester airport parking so that the car can be left there (very convenient, saves getting public transport) and then there are plenty of car hire options in Spain. Looking into possible car hire Malaga .panies is easy enough, there a few .panies who offer good daily rates and a fair deal on insurance and breakdown cover. A variety of cars can be hired depending on your needs. I think I might fancy a bit of off-road driving, and there are even options for that! All in all the conditions and service are pretty much exactly the same as those for car hire UK .panies. What destinations are there to drive to in the south of Spain? Neighbouring Malaga are the regions of Cadiz, Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada, all offering different holiday experiences. The city of Seville has many grand sights including a cathedral, museums, parks. Cordoba city, the capital of the region with the same name, has three popular festivals in May when the weather is probably at its best. The city also offers a lot of culture in terms of museums and the arts, along with Roman archeological sites. Granada offers a rich nightlife due to its large student population at the famous University of Granada, so you can dance away to the small hours of the morning. With so much to see in the South of Spain, the opportunities for adventure and discovery are endless. Seeing more than one destination gives a better feel of a country or region as well as the people, cultures and food on offer to the discerning traveler. So get your friends or family on board for a holiday with a bit of a difference! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: