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Double Deathcoil! Small cute looking Jordan type -gif quasi lore should not be so dangerous! The Sanantonio spurs away sina sports 102-94 beat the king of Sacramento, Leonard continued MVP test Wye – level performance, in 34 minutes and 55 seconds of time voted 11 to 21, 7 from the free throw line shots, scored 30 points and 3 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals only 1 turnovers, third day, he steals continuous direct grab lost the confidence of opponents, led a 13-0 run this achievement reversal. Leonard last season on the performance of the team is already the leader, but because of the presence of Tim – Duncan, it seems that the team has not formally handed the banner in his hands. And this year, because Duncan retired, he became the undisputed "leader", the team on the pitch, but also more most incisive. The tournament opener against the warriors, Leonard taifashenwei, 5 rebounds and 3 assists and scored 35 points and 5 steals, led the Spurs to upset victory over the opponent. A king today, he once again dominated the game on both ends. This is a golden arena opener, so the kings opening momentum very quickly, from 8-2 to 12-4 to 16-8, even once in the body under the beat by the spurs. Rudi long sports talented Gaye Leonard on his arm, the body does not suffer too much, although the first half Leonard also got 12 points, but a and compared to the warriors of light, but many bleak. But when the race to the second half, Leonard broke out: Third, he completed 4 consecutive steals in three minutes of time, a directly instigated decisive offensive, the day before the end of the 2 minutes and 48 seconds and 2 minutes 34 seconds, he is a series of two rounds from the other side of the young guard – Maikelemo livings to take the ball away, the fast counter attack Glenealy 5 points. The two ball is Mike Lermo on the left three point ball three threat, the results of two balls, Leonard was spotted during a hand will knife down, then quickly back to score. The ball two ball looks almost as like as two peas not careful you thought, that is a loop, as can be imagined, then how Maikelemo psychological collapse. It is because of this wave of terrorist defensive performance, Leonard led the team from 62-68 to 73-68 behind the counter ultra, once the leading Party became the Spurs, again comeback, can be prohibitively difficult. The game at the last minute, the Spurs once tried to counterattack in cousins under the guidance of. But near the sound vacancy Leonard a line shot, a corner to pull up the defense, even take 4 minutes to stabilize the situation. 28.5 seconds before the whistle, he is directly from the hands of Parke to go to the ball, then let his teammates all get out of the way, a jump stop, and then easily take two points, 102-94 completely seal the victory. In the prediction of various prospective this season before the start, Leonard is considered one of Lebron James’s main competitor MVP, because without him: Durant curry will be dispersed in other votes, Westbrook harden team estimates)相关的主题文章: