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Domineering! Suning will pry Paris DoubleStar 65 million cut Juve inter – Sohu domineering sports game! Suning will pry inter Paris double star international Milan although poor grades, but Su Ning in the club become the largest shareholder, absolutely not bad money, the summer transfer window at the last moment, hit 100 million euros for Gabriel, Mario and Joao Candreva is the best evidence. Italy media said, as long as can strengthen the international strength of Milan, and the price is suitable, Suning will throw money to buy. Considering this season Milan international poor performance, until January next year the winter window opens, Suning will once again set off the house buying frenzy, the day before the widely circulated, the Nerazzurri have to dig Paris Saint Germain binary message, the acquisition of Vilati and Clay Jo Via J two players, the existing first team midfielder, a big shake. Recently, Paris Saint Germain came with general news, Vilati and coach Emeri break, Italy midfielder to leave in January next year the winter window opens, Juventus are interested in him. "Milan sports newspaper" Italy media disclosure, international Milan also joined the battle of Vilati, in order to beat rivals Juventus, Suning has prepared a transfer fee of 65 million euros! The 23 year old Vilati, Secretary midfielder, Italy international, known as Pirlo II, debuted in Pescara, has never played in Serie A, the summer of 2012, the price of 12 million euros to Paris St Germain, has played 170 times on behalf of the French nouveau riche, scoring 4 goals. Vilati is a typical metronome player, has a broad perspective, can sort out the optimization of midfield, defensive and offensive, which is in urgent need of international Milan players. If you can beat Juventus in Vilati’s battle, then the strength of the international Milan will be a qualitative improvement. It is reported that Velardi and Paris Saint Germain contract expires in the summer of 2021, although the contract is still long, but the Italy midfielder insisted on leave, the French nouveau riche would not keep, if Milan can reach the UEFA Cup International Tournament, then has represented Paris Saint Germain played in the Champions League – Lydia, is not representative of the Nerazzurri continue to participate in Europe this is one of the war, Suning must consider the question. At the same time, the Italy media also reported the acquisition of Milan international Paris Saint Germain defensive midfielder Joe Klein – Yake news, said the Nerazzurri willing to use Blo R Vecchi and Shakespeare in the hole a player plus cash way to sign Poland midfielder. The 26 year old Clay Jo Via J debuted in Bordeaux, have the experience of playing in Lance and Nantes, the summer of 2014 to join Seville, when he was head coach is now coach of Paris Saint Germain coach Emeri, he is Seville’s absolute main 201415 season and the Europa League 201516 season. This summer, Emeri took Clay Jo Via J to join Paris Saint Germain, the transfer fee of 33 million 600 thousand euros. Although Clay Jo Via J is Emeri loyalists, but in Paris Saint Germain, but not playing ball, has only played 7 times on behalf of the French Nouveau riche. Italy media, Joe Klein – Yake) cannot相关的主题文章: