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Internet-Marketing Who is not familiar with Google nowadays? Google stays in the top of the mind recall list for most of us – owing to its status of being one of the top most search engines in the internet world. As a businessman, if you want to make some .mercial sense out of Google’s strong positioning in the World Wide Web market, you got to learn about AdWords. AdWords is an offshoot product from Google that allows advertisers and marketing teams of Corporate to post their advertisements on the Google network in a relatively simple manner. Features of Google AdWord: Google AdWord offers you a cost effective advertisement display platform. You are not charged any kind of extra fees for placing your ad apart from the one time activation fee that you need to pay. Google AdWords works on "pay per click" model. You need to make payment to the .pany only when a visitor clicks on your advertisement displayed on the website. To ensure that the odds of someone clicking on your ads are not too high – considering the massive size of Google- you will need to roll out certain keywords. Thus, you target only a limited number of people who have a genuine interest in your offering. Rolling out your advertisement with Google AdWord does not mean rolling it out on all content websites spread on the Google .work. You are provided with an option to choose amongst which all content sites you want your advertisements to be displayed on. Also, you have an option to choose amongst the content places where you would want to launch your offering. Contextual marketing can help you match the content of a website to your keywords and can accordingly display your content on that website. How can you make money through Google AdWords? Whether you are an established businessman or a novice looking to promote your business, Google AdWords is meant to address each one yours need. It provides ability to display content, video, graphics as well as images to attract the eyeballs of the visitors. You can track the progress of the displayed advertisement through the tracking mechanism. Depending upon your set budget, you can choose amongst the various available features and accordingly pay per click on your advertisement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: