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Ding Junhui amused the audience correctly kick-off a face of vacant seats to the poor state of Ding Junhui sina sports news Beijing time on September 25th, 2016, the Shanghai Masters Snooker Tournament into the final battle against Ding Junhui, in the first half of the world championship final victory over their championship Selby. In the second stage of the competition in the evening, Ding Junhui seems to have lost before the fiery touch, even lost the three game. At the start of the second stage, Ding Junhui and Selby to shake hands, stand ready to kick off the table before. But in fact, the tenth game, Selby should be open. At the scene of the referee’s reminder, a face focused on the reaction of Ding Junhui came, a little apologetic back to the seat. On the sidelines of the audience and have also been the scene amused. CCTV host Jiang Yi also gave the audience to explain the situation: because some games are in front of the eight inning, some of the first nine games, the number of the Bureau of Ding Junhui mixed." Do not know whether this episode affected Ding Junhui, Ding Junhui had a large gap in the overall state of the night and in the afternoon, in the tenth inning of the defensive mistakes, eleven attack feed Selby chance in the twelve game, Selby appeared in the wrong circumstances, Ding Junhui still did not get the chance the ball. On the sidelines of Ding Junhui a little tired, do not know is not a good rest. While Selby is full of energy. Selby also use the low tide of Ding Junhui pull three games, the big score into a 6-6 flat. (Wei Yumu)相关的主题文章: