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Did you win the lottery today? 2016. Open the first round of mixed doubles China wonderful ball video highlights take you stop to see! How to see the topic of today’s sports Sohu – you Yanxing of Liu’s doubles partner? Gold Zaihuan birthday: August 13, 1996: JS-10: SH-P9200 film war boots in November 15th — November 20th day to launch a prizes interactive topic we forwarded to the circle of friends and will comment on WeChat page screenshots reply to the official WeChat VICTOR win China open shirt we will in each period second days to extract 12 lucky fans first prize: 2 VICTOR, Chinese open shirt two prize honor: 10, small treasure V doll in 2016 China badminton tournament for the VICTOR China Open women’s singles championship sponsor of the tournament matches wonderful power mixed doubles first round highlights Miss Liu Yanxing with signature shoot speed YYS, take one, and Zhang Yina 2-0 (21-11 21-9) easily beat Chen Yande Kawasaki Yuuko (USA). Ahmed Nasir, Chen Bingshun, Wu Liuying, Kim Ha Neul and other high Hyun strength will directly qualify for a bye. Liu and Zhang Yina body back long backpack BR8018, more dynamic! Qualifying has been the start, VICTOR exhibition area, hot sale, bustling about, the new VPS professional services, the amount of thread pin, swingweight machine, VE-80 machine, threading MUELLER top sports protection expert Qi Liangxiang! The game for many more stars will sing, just waiting for you to come!!! On site Hot Stamping service, you can have your own custom gowns! VPS threading the feet of the ball to the players to explain the foot type, to help you choose your own shoes! Photo! Group photo! Group photo! I want to live with the small V players are you intimate photo! The results of the first phase of the lottery activity award yesterday! The list of winners: first prize: VICTOR China open shirt Memorial Prize two strong roaming the world: VICTOR small V Coldplay Wx · treasure doll dawn raging like a storm; have?? á a little girl both treasure and beauty Grace Bryant? Wahaha Houguan?? Ma Duijiang: congratulations on winning over 12 golfers, please will your name, telephone number, address within a week, and occasionally small micro signal V, V will send you the prize as soon as possible, please note that check! According to the two-dimensional code under the VICTOR WeChat official attention!相关的主题文章: