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Deep network about the car hearing: limit models of the huge difference in the household registration of the public newspaper yesterday A8 version of the report, pick the king of the crossroads caused widespread concern. For the "single king" the fate of the future, Shenzhen Shijiaowei responsible person responded, Shenzhen network about cars to the existing stock network about cars and drivers have transition specific system requirements, if the "single king" in accordance with the relevant regulations, then to the city transportation department to apply for a certain period the "online booking taxi transport card" and "card" network for taxi drivers. Shenzhen Guangzhou daily news (reporter Jiang Cai) the first working day after the National Day holiday, north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four city network also released the car about the local rules draft, although Shenzhen draft requirements is relatively loose, but there are a lot of people think this draft will be eliminated once landed, the vast majority of the Shenzhen nets about car drivers. Yesterday, the Shenzhen municipal legislative affairs office on the Shenzhen network about car management legislation held a WeChat hearing. About 6 Internet car business representatives, 6 Shenzhen taxi cruise business representatives, 80 representatives of the public a total of 92 representatives of the hearing, the vehicle driver access conditions, access conditions, the existing network about cars, transitional arrangements about the car network security and other four major topics published opinion. For the views and suggestions of the parties on behalf of the hearing, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee at the scene also responded. Shenzhen Municipal Communications Commission also said it plans to publish the rules within this month, and the views of the parties will be adjusted. Hearing the four major focus of one: models of high-end differentiation, how to fall? Shenzhen network about the rules of the car, the draft proposed a network of about car models of multiple standards. At the hearing, the views of the vehicle on the contrary. People think Bian Xiaolan, to which 1.8T models of displacement with the national energy saving and environmental protection and to encourage small cars policy; Hong Kong Car Rental Companies representative said that Shenzhen is currently a taxi electric vehicle, and will raise the standard, so the wheelbase and displacement on the net about car demand is reasonable. In this regard, the Shenzhen municipal transportation network of Shenzhen, about the car wheelbase and made the main provisions of the displacement of Shenzhen taxi vehicle fuel vehicle wheelbase requirements were 2600 mm or more, the displacement in 1600 milliliter above, 5 years working out. At the same time, Shenzhen cruise car industry is striving to achieve all the pure electric vehicle in 2020. According to the development state of the network positioning about the car, on the net about vehicle wheelbase, displacement to the above requirements and in line with the actual network about the car development orientation, but also conducive to guide network about cars and taxi dislocation development, differences in management. Focus two: the driver’s household registration restrictions do not have? With the public on the opposite requirements of different models, in yesterday’s hearing, representatives of the public to the household registration restrictions suggest "one-sided". Nearly 90% speak on behalf of the people, are in favour of the draft to the driver registration access request, the driver must hold a Shenzhen residence permit for deep households or even, some representative should be put forward "hold Shenzhen residence permit" to "3 year residence permit holders". Taxi business representatives Zhang Caimei said, 5相关的主题文章: