Daqing men’s online shopping 7000 yuan second-hand car was not approached the car was approached by aapt.exe

Daqing’s online shopping 7000 yuan second-hand car car was cheated 20 thousand live 23 years old Daqing Zhou Hao (a pseudonym), want to buy a second-hand car, in October 17th, he login website used car information, display a web page, the page is displayed in a second-hand car market, the car is Zhou Hao see above. Cheap, added on the QQ page, and a self manager chatted. Zhou Hao took a fancy to a white Citroen sedan, the other side to consult the price, the other said 7000 yuan. Zhou Hao asked again, "where is your company’s address?" The other said: "Shanghai Putuo District." Then the other side asked where to send the car, Zhou Hao put his address, told the other party. The other week to pay 500 yuan deposit, and sent him an account. Zhou Hao gave the other party in the past 500 yuan. The morning of the second day, a man claiming to send the car to call Zhou Hao, said that the car is in the mail to Daqing, so he used to take the car, and spoke of the need to pay the entire paragraph 50% to let him see, to each other to remit the past 3500 yuan Zhou Hao. After the end of the money he gave the man to send a car, can send a car man, said: I just consulted the company, you must pay the full amount to allow you to take the car." Zhou Hao sent 3500 dollars to each other. After the end of the money to send the car man, said: you also need to pay insurance, we must pay in our company, and then remit 6800 yuan auto insurance money, I’ll send you the car." After listening to Zhou Hao, immediately before the "manager" online contact phone, did not expect the "manager" also insisted that he pay insurance, do not pay insurance that would not let him see. Zhou Hao was angry and asked for a refund. The other said the afternoon after the financial work, in order to apply for a refund. In the afternoon, the other said must wait for the car back to the garage, to give him a refund, or pay half car insurance. Zhou Hao promised to pay half the other car insurance. Then went to the bank to the other party remitted 3000 yuan. After the end of the money, he gave the car man to call, send a car man, said: I’m afraid to give you the car, the rest of the insurance you do not pay the half, the insurance to pay me to give you the car." Zhou Hao had to give each other in the past 3800 yuan. At this time, the car man said: you still need to pay 20 thousand yuan to $50 thousand of the risk deposit, pay the money, I immediately sent you the car." They do not stop looking for excuses to make their money, can not let you see, Zhou Hao feel cheated. Ask for a refund, but can not contact each other. Anti flicker expert team of experts, the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment six Investigation Brigade Deputy captain Guo Yu said, the other for various reasons make remittance, do not let the car as soon as possible in order to get the car, fooled again transfer to each other, until the perceived wrong so far. Here to remind the public, the purchase of second-hand cars online, we must see the car and then pay, do not believe each other’s words, pay a half and then pay the entire paragraph, and so was found cheated late. If you really want to sell the car, the car is not stop you. If the other side is a liar, there is no car at all, how much money you can not see the car.相关的主题文章: