Credit card installment earn spreads Maxivista you out of the bank

Credit card installment earn spreads Maxivista you out of the bank with the popularity of credit cards, card and money "is also more read more fine. "If you only use a credit card as a single means of overdraft, you OUT." Choi sister tell you, in the basic functions of the credit card, the cardholder if using a credit card, can also use the credit card business "". Wealth management wealth review last week. A member to send a picture to me, he said to me, this is the staging table of bank credit cards, showing 1 year monthly interest rate of only 0.35%, if the 100 thousand yuan stage, the monthly repayment amount is 8683 yuan, if the monthly interest rate multiplied by 12 then, annual interest rate of only 4.2%, seems to be very cost-effective. In this way, as long as we put the money in the conservative fiscal 6% or so, you can earn an annual interest rate difference of 1.8%. The bank credit card installment table but he put the bank think too simple, that help people stick too monkey also fine, how can give you 4.2% annual interest rates so low? The actual annual interest rate is much higher than what you see. Now I will teach you some of the most simple method to calculate the credit card payment of the actual interest rate. Mortgage loans are often used to calculate the monthly calculator, which is easy to find on the Internet a lot. We will use the calculator to calculate the real interest rate for one year. The specific steps are: first, to choose the matching repayment on repayment, which is matching interest repayment law, and then fill out the loan principal of 100 thousand yuan, the loan period we choose 1 years 12 period, then fill out the loan interest rate is the key. We can first fill in the estimated annual interest rate of 4.2%, but the calculation of the monthly amount is $8524.13, which is the bank’s nominal monthly repayment of $8683 is inconsistent. Next, we will continue to raise interest rates, has been raised to 7.6%, this time, the monthly amount will be displayed on the amount of 8680.36, which is similar to the results of the bank. This time the general bank credit card The case is entirely cleared., December staging of the actual interest rate should be around 7.6%, far higher than the 4.2% expected interest rates, if this time the loan to finance 6% of the funds deposited in the conservative, are sure to lose money. In addition, look at the whole process, we may understand that the mortgage calculator is known, the principal period and the annual interest rate to calculate the monthly amount, and I use this function to reverse calculate annual interest rate is not very clever? Of course, some people may think that such a method is too stupid to tune to tune, while the results are not accurate enough. Well, here’s what I’m trying to do to get the best results by using the EXCEL table. The principle is actually very simple, is to use the RATE function of the EXCEL table, the function, the first value is period, we should fill in 12; second is for the month, we want to fill -8683, note that here must fill the negative; next, third value of loans, we should.相关的主题文章: