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A youth? China Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship activities sail – Shenzhen Channel – original title in Shenzhen: 60% of the respondents Shenzhen youth business ideas in October 13th, sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Youth League Committee of Shenzhen, China will host the youth entrepreneurship employment fund, Shenzhen City Youth Science and Technology Talent Association, Shenzhen Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association. A youth? Chinese Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship series of activities held in Shenzhen. During the two day event will be held China youth hit off the forum, Chinese youth entrepreneurship training key activities, focusing fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of youth, serving the Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship projects, financial support and intelligence support team hatching. On the morning of 13 at the China youth hit off the forum, Liu Ke South University of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship college professor, Australian Academy of engineering, Zhao Zhiya, vice president of Shenzhen KPS Higher Polytechnic Institute, co-founder, President and founding partner of racing capital Liu Bingyun, 91 financial co-founder Wu Wenxiong and other guests, and on the characteristics of the times the development trend of public entrepreneurship, innovation, focus on the development of new economy, foster new energy theme, together with the site of youth innovation, pointing out the road of entrepreneurship. According to a survey conducted by the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, 61.9% of respondents have the idea of entrepreneurship in Shenzhen. In carrying out the work of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship services, the Shenzhen municipal Party committee around the cultivation of innovative awareness, organized a series of college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition. Among them, the host of the national university student robot contest, to create the country’s first class of fierce competition, attracting hundreds of colleges and universities to participate in College students. (Chen Yuzhu, commissioning editor: Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: