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Country is still difficult to break? Opponents of the 9 war only to throw 4 ball victory experience [] expired information media exposure Uzbekistan two titans injury will not be absent in Ukraine war reporter Ma Dexing Tashkent reported in the 2015 Asian Cup group phase, Chinese team had more than 2 to 1 to reverse the Uzbekistan, this is undoubtedly the country foot away to Tashkent most psychological advantage. However, times have changed, because in the last World Cup Uzbekistan 40 finals began after the coaching change, tactics than before has occurred babaian "change" more important defense from 2015 Asian Cup first round of 12 match 0 to 1 loss to the Iran team, the Uzbek team participated in a total of 22 international A-class tournament. The early rate team is Kasimov. Failed to enter the semi-finals in the Australian Asian Cup, Uzbekistan Football Association continued to trust Kasimov, but in the subsequent preparation for World Cup 40 finals of the warm-up match, the team’s disappointing performance in the 1, 1 draw with South Korea after three defeats, especially the 40 first round away 2 4 lost to North Korea. The football association made a coaching decision forced uzbekistan. Babayan, the current coach, took over the team from 2015 to July. Subsequently, the team babaian ended 2015 with five straight annual events. Entered this year, in addition to the Uzbek team in June 1 more than 2 warm-up match losing to the Canadian team, until the last round of home court 0 to 1 negative Iran team, other games unbeaten. Since babaian took over, the Uzbek team in the tactical aspect still has no small change. Compared to the Kasimov era, the Uzbek team obviously strengthened the defense. The country is still difficult to break the opponent’s goal? This is a photograph of Uzbekistan team for the past nearly two years of losses of statistics and analysis. Uzbek team a total of 22 games, lost the ball 23. Among them, the year 2015 13 games lost the ball 19 ball, and this year a total of 9 games, the Uzbek team only lost the ball 4. Although the Uzbek team in 2015 to participate in the Asian Cup and the World Cup round of 40 formal events, and the Japanese team, the Iran team and the Korean team conducted a warm-up match, but this year in the top 40 before the round opponents strength is not weak, so I’m afraid I can’t simply and how many goals linked to the strength of the opponent, but from 2015 the field to throw 1.46 balls, averaging 0.44 goals this year, enough to see the changes of the whole team babaian took office a year later. Moreover, if further analysis of Uzbek team conceded, such changes can also clearly see that a year ago the Uzbek team in defensive warfare in many problems, goal number is 11, but after 2016, the number of sheets in the mobile warfare is only 2 ball. This change is actually clear: national football team to break the goal of Uzbekistan movement in the war, the difficulty is not small! In fact, look at the Uzbek team in the 12 strong before the three game, you can see this point more clearly. Whether it is Syria, Qatar or Iran team, are not always in the war movement tore the Uzbek team defense. The Iran team is able to win by the Uzbek team, is only half of the time between.相关的主题文章: