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Comments received: in the short-term stability strength is the mainstay of hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: impact of live line bloggers to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan Kim hundred temporary consulting Qin Hong market sluggish trend, trading A shares the market appeared slightly lower pattern. Among them, the Shanghai composite index opened at 3072.92 points, down 1.76 points tiaokongdikai. After the opening, due to the low military aerospace stocks, the market has a certain degree of decline trend, the lowest probe to 3063.4 points. However, Vanke A and other varieties of the strong, not only gathered real estate stocks of energy to do more, but also makes the market placards stocks followed the market will try to be brave, concussion higher, up to 3087.7. From the shock, the Shanghai index closed at 3085.49 points, up 10.81 points or 0.35%, turnover has been active, the Shanghai stock market volume is 168 billion 990 million yuan. So it shows the trend of two problems, one is the hot continuity that there are problems, such as the aerospace industry stocks hot Tuesday, on Wednesday became the cash profit varieties, downward on the index has produced certain pressure. This is mainly because the stock market lacks new money hot money game. Two Vanke A as the representative of the real estate stocks is still the mainstay of the market, it also shows that the short A shares still need group funds strong love. So, for gold, Huijin, the trend of A shares is not too pessimistic. In operation, you can still track the strong stocks, especially shares and new shares and medical services and other high-quality industrial stocks. Sina said in a statement: this message is reproduced from sina Associated Media, posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: