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Comment: the new energy expenses need to pay more attention to the new energy industry policy is reasonable expenses need to pay more attention to the industrial policy is the rationality of Fan Xin at the beginning of September, the Ministry of Finance official website published "briefing" special inspection of the application of new energy vehicles subsidy funds, will Suzhou, Suzhou Jinlong, Shenzhen GMC, Chery Wanda Guizhou Wuzhoulong bus, Henan Shaolin bus as a typical case to cheat up bulletin, involving new energy vehicles subsidy amount of 1 billion 10 million yuan. Subsequently, the media follow-up reports, another "cheat fill list" in the circle, there are 72 new energy companies cheat up to fill and illegal behavior, involving subsidies amounted to 9 billion 270 million yuan, this list has not yet been officially recognized. Of course, cheating in the country is not a new thing, such as a few years ago, home appliances to the countryside has been a case of fraud. The new energy fraud attention is mainly due to: first, involving a large amount, two is the focus of the country in recent years to support the new energy industry. The reason is not clear, the enterprise credit course is first mentioned, due to the lack of perfect credit system and illegal low cost, enterprises can easily cheat up through the way and optionally the major subsidies in the bag, in the macro economy still faces greater downward pressure on the premise, how many companies can not be a the problem. On the other hand with the economic system, when the introduction of relevant national industrial policies, local governments often enthusiasm is very high, the major commercial banks are also very active, resulting in "beating" results. Photovoltaic industry is the most representative case. In order to vigorously support the development of new industries, the state introduced a series of industrial policies, the core is to increase the proportion of domestic photovoltaic power generation through subsidies and incentives to expand the export of photovoltaic products. According to statistics, the export tax rebate once accounted for 80% of the profits of photovoltaic enterprises. The local government is to have more short-term PV companies provide cheap land and tax incentives to attract investment. In this kind of industrial policy support, the elements of the cost of being dropped to a very low level, market resources serious mismatches to the photovoltaic industry, just a few years of production of photovoltaic industry in our country has more than other countries and the global production capacity. Unfortunately, the scale of China’s photovoltaic industry is large, but mainly concentrated in the low-end production of batteries and components, and the core components of battery production equipment and framing robots still rely on imports. Large scale production of new capacity in the short term not only led to a substantial increase in foreign manufacturers of the core components of the price is even lower the price of domestic products, the major manufacturers have played a price war. To add insult to injury, Europe and the United States have anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on China’s photovoltaic enterprises, which eventually led to serious overcapacity problems in the photovoltaic industry. Therefore, we criticized the new energy automotive companies to cheat at the same time, it is also the reflection of the reasonableness of our industrial policy formulation. Industrial policy intention is to solve the new problems in the industry profitability of bud failure, lack of innovation of high cost, high risk market, but policy makers cannot guarantee the industrial policy will succeed, the reason lies in the enterprise than policy makers are more close to the market, excessive subsidies on相关的主题文章: