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Comment on "water" donkey: such as Liu Xiang street see literary young woman "water" poster "donkey donkey water" is obviously the best. In the box office almost became the only pursuit (even if everyone is talking about his production seriously, also said, look, this will make the audience how love pocket. The relationship between the film and the audience is almost equal to the relationship between the sex workers and the. Well, this is called product thinking Suddenly, saw an attempt to tell the audience about feelings about art films, just like in the red-light district saw the literary young woman. It takes courage and talent as a literary young woman in red-light district. Don’t think everyone in this business extremely excited every day today, we have to bid farewell to the ease of dwarfism sickness. After the fifth generation of Chinese film, it seems that there is no real relay in the sixth generation. If there is a man named Ken, this generation of filmmakers (of course, not only is the film called ") as a generation". So we see "roadside picnic", see serious creative people will full of joy. As seen on the runway, although not in the forefront but still adhere to the players, we desperately cheering refueling". "The donkey" water is such a serious play, players attempt to metaphor, hesitate to call. To see such a cynic would not the creator, how can not come for her? Immersed in oil, there is naturally a callous observer. "Donkey water" argument between the two sides of the argument, I almost agree. Look, the "donkey" stubborn head stubborn brain water seems to be obviously the disadvantages. Suddenly turning the characters like collapse, overexert Taoxintaofei style performances, all like the movie that was the heroine Zhang Yiman and wind of white garlic skin, as if something is wrong between romantic. This is wrong, and in the red-light district saw literary young woman is wrong, is exactly the same, some amazing, even some ningba. When an ideal full of people, how to bear a wretched collapse? Even if only one not in human trials in a battle to defeat Zhang, why so fragile? Unless it’s an abnormal world. In a world that is not normal, all sorts of unnatural crashes are easy to happen. An affectionate man suddenly laxialianlai attack he once loved the most vicious words; a brave man to plop kneel kowtow like Dao garlic; a simple and honest people how to heart the greatest evil all boldly out; how a sincere person lost a pure soul; how do people tell lies…… For this human earthquake movie why did not elaborate, but the movie associate is everywhere in the history of human ruins after the earthquake. This strange film as a fragment, we have to put it in a specific context seems to see clearly. If the "donkey" water as a fable, the near contemporary history Chinese fed into brain in the film is from this so-called comedy movie see horror film texture, who had disadvantages have become significant. The sudden turn of the character is not the time after the concentration of feelings? And the stage is not always a fable like it? Yes, it is.相关的主题文章: