[color] BAOYING Manchester derby resurgence smoke stop away tide – Sohu bloodthirsty wolves gigolos

[color] BAOYING Manchester derby resurgence smoke stop away around the Sohu bloodthirsty wolves midweek cup on the first day, and did not give us too many surprises, British gunners, Red Army, Newcastle Cup round of 8, while the German Cup, in addition to the point of killing Leverkusen, Hamburg, Berlin, Borussia Herta and other teams also qualified for the next round. It is in the Holland cup a seemingly unequal contest, away in Eindhoven crashed, sent 6.75 high pay at the same time, is also an early exit. In many cup, Milan and Genoa of Serie A is "neither fish nor fowl", eventually, Milan jingtun 3 bombs, 6 unbeaten dead! Manchester derby fights kuamut wins half this week, the Manchester Derby war planes lit again, but two days are not easy. Manchester United had just been slaughtered in the red and blue ball 4 war this summer, generous, and did not let the strong dialogue in straight waist, but rather, public opinion, fans of Mourinho a crusade against the sound; therefore, kuamut in Manchester derby 1:0, the battles, not for Yu Mushuai lost. On the other side of the same city, Guardiola’s life is not good, 5 games, melon handsome encounter Manchester City, a major problem, to solve the offensive side of the efficiency problem. You know, in the past 4 games, Manchester City only scored 2 goals for the star studded blue moon legion, no goal is not without opportunities, but such as the Aguero strongman, also is a poor state; the solution Guardiola is very clear, who on one line! But is this really the best way? The two sides had played 10 times, Manchester United’s 3 wins and 1 draws and 6 losses, including home games of 1 wins and 1 draws and 3 losses, into the ball lost 17 goals, Manchester United in a relatively weak. From both sides of nearly 10 field performance, Manchester United 4 wins 2 flat 4 negative, including home court 3 wins 1 flat 1 negative, scoring 19 goals to lose 14 balls; Manchester City 5 wins 3 flat 2 negative, with 3 wins away 1 flat 2 negative, scoring 20 goals to lose 13 balls; both defensive performance is not ideal. At the beginning of the disc with a tie plate started, Manchester United had 5 times the same historical handicap, 2 flat 3 negative; Manchester City had 4 times the same historical bets 1 wins 1 flat 2 negative. Comprehensive analysis of the above data, the attack is relatively stable, but the defensive end to aim at the 2 Main Title team, is not ideal, and the history of the same handicap, two teams unbeaten probability is low, the two sides combined with the analysis of the current situation, the winner of a greater probability. Although the Dragon cut off bloodthirsty wolves have been declining in Serie A home court, but Sassolo’s performance is getting better and better, back to Serie A in the third season, the team won the UEFA Champions League qualification. The 3 game Shengping Fu a, this performance is not good, but for a new army, is not accepted; and the new season 7 home court victory, can let people see a long growth home court. When Spalletti returns to Rome after the dhole performance makes people look forward to, the 3 consecutive season remained in the championship. In the last season to England after our, Juve is not so strong, in Naples, inter and other competitors behind the case, to see the red wolf chasing league championship hopes, perhaps this is!相关的主题文章: