College entrance examination next year to adjust the content of the test emphasis on traditio

The national college entrance examination exam next year to adjust   emphasis on traditional culture research — Anhui channel — reporter yesterday from the Ministry of Education Examination Center was informed that the 2017 common entrance examination syllabus and examination instruction will be issued. It is reported that 9 Chinese and mathematics disciplines will appear different degree of adjustment, such as Chinese literature text reading and text reading to cancel the examination, become a compulsory content; mathematics elective module "to reduce geometric proof selections". In addition, Chinese and other subjects will increase the assessment of the Chinese traditional culture content. Last night, the Ministry of Education officially announced the 2017 general college entrance examination syllabus revision content, the national college entrance examination syllabus and examination instructions will also be announced. Judging from the revised content, the new outline clearly stated that the 2017 college entrance examination will increase the content of the assessment of Chinese traditional culture, give full play to the college entrance examination proposition of educational function and positive role. For example, in the Chinese language to increase the content of ancient cultural knowledge, in the Chinese language to increase the classical Chinese, traditional festivals, folk and other content, increase the content of mathematical culture in mathematics. The examination content is most concerned about the candidates, reporter found out, Chinese, Chinese, mathematics, history, geography, politics, physics, chemistry, biology and other 9 subjects were adjusted, which did not appear in english. From the Chinese point of view, college entrance examination next year will appropriately increase the amount of reading, two elective module provisions of the current examination syllabus respectively "literature text reading" and "practical text reading", requiring students to select a reply from two selected questions, the revised syllabus will cancel the examination mode, "literary text reading" and "practical text reading" as a compulsory content. In addition, in the "ancient poetry reading" part of the increase in understanding and grasp the common ancient cultural common sense of the content of the test. The Ministry of education official said, the new syllabus focuses on the basic and comprehensive optimization of Chinese subject, examination content, examination adjustment module, comprehensive test of language proficiency and cultural literacy. In addition, the amount of reading is mainly to examine the information age and the rapid reading ability of college students and the ability of information processing. > > part of Chinese national examination subjects to adjust the content of the "Chinese" will be officially changed to "Chinese", focusing on the ability of the test, from the traditional knowledge representation ability to simplisticinterpretation. The paper will adjust the structure, strengthen ability. For example, I II volume adjustment value proportion, to reduce memory and increase the knowledge of the test, test questions of reading and writing according to the characteristics of groups of candidates, reading materials from a stylistic adjustment of two articles, more comprehensive coverage. At the same time, optimize the content of the examination, increase the classical Chinese, Chinese excellent traditional culture. Mathematics subjects, delete "in the current syllabus of three elective modules in the geometric proof of" selecting, content and scope of the remaining 2 elective modules are the same, the candidates from the "coordinate system and the parameter equation" and "inequality" selecting 2 modules: select 1 questions. The history of the revised history exam outline examination mode) delete相关的主题文章: