Chinese a new batch of peacekeepers arrived in southern Sultan has replaced the 15 batch of Sohu –

Chinese a new batch of peacekeepers arrived in southern Sultan has replaced the 15 batch of Sohu – Military Channel text with map: local time on September 24th, I went to the south of Sultan (Wa Wu) peacekeepers held defense drills. To guard the emergency unit occupied station. The smell of this expedition to Gujiao, thousands of miles in the westbound and interchanging of urgent dispatches roll of thunder. The generous Xianming, no regrets in this lifetime is blue. Miles went Rong machine, the horse was flying. After 3 stops for nearly 20 hours of long-distance flight, a new batch of Chinese went to South Sultan (Wa Wu) the first echelon troops part soldiers, local time 23 days of evening arrived at the destination — South Sultan’s second largest city tile urumqi. From the plane overlooking the south of Sultan, just 5 years ago the independent of the youngest nation in the world, the vast grassland patches of wetlands in the clouds in an unbroken line, set like a piece of jade inlaid in the earth. This natural resource is very rich in African red earth, which can make its owner, like many people on this planet, live a life of peace and prosperity. Sultan, which was independent from Sultan in July 9, 2011, soon fell into a protracted civil war. There have been frequent clashes between government forces and rebels, leading to the backwardness of infrastructure such as transportation, lack of public services, such as medical and hydropower, and making Sultan one of the least developed countries in the world. The frequent wars brought a lot of humanitarian disaster, the establishment of the United Nations in South Sultan special delegation authorized the United Nations (the United South Sioux group), stationed in the United Nations peacekeeping force. Wau is the second largest city in southern Sultan, the focus area is the two largest armed conflict. Chinese years ago were sent to the region in the United Nations peacekeeping engineering unit and the medical team, has replaced the 15 batch of peacekeepers. The plane is in the thousands of miles to fly, Wa Wu went to the fifteenth installment of the takeover of southern Sultan (Wa Wu) peacekeeping engineering unit captain Wang Naiqiang, the heart seemed to fly to Wa Wu. The peacekeeping mission first Corps detachment commander, and the reporter chatted about Uwe and watts closely reasoned and well argued. In order to let reporters clear situation of peacekeeping missions, he even took out a pen to draw on a piece of paper and tile Uwe diagram, where there is a checkpoint, where is the refugee camp, where is the key to prevent, Wang Naiqiang marked crystal clear. See, the commander has to do the homework before the expedition. Since July this year, the South Sultan armed conflict intensified, China’s peacekeeping troops to the south of Sultan peacekeepers appeared casualties. These conditions remind us to do our best to make sure the safety work is in place. We have been in the battle before the simulation of battlefield environment do waw peacekeeping training." The same plane arrived in Wau Chinese in seventh groups in southern Sultan waw peacekeeping medical team captain Xiao Shuwen encountered a difficult problem. A heavy rain in the evening, delayed the subsequent flight plans that night from southern Sultan to Juba Wau, most of his medical team the day after tomorrow to reach the peacekeeping mission area, bring difficulty to the old and new two medical teams to work on schedule the handover. "Peace is war,"相关的主题文章: