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The new song " " China ended; Jiang Dunhao won the "dark horse" — entertainment channel — original title: "the new song" ending "dark horse" Jiang Dunhao Wang Feng and the disciples of Jiang Dunhao to celebrate the win win. Four seasons "good voice", the three season champion Na Ying group; renamed "new song", the champion finally turned to the group of students in the Wang Feng. Last night, the copyright storm changed the name of China’s new song, the National Stadium Bird’s nest staged the finals, dark horse Jiang Dunhao eventually won the championship. Ballad singer Zhang Lei Jimin The Voice of China in last year "4" after the victory, the new program renamed after the championship once again whispering folk singer. The finals take two run-off tournament, Na Ying, Wang Feng, Harlem Yu, Jay Chou four mentors and their students were singing a song, six students completed their personal show, the audience voted by two students become the champion candidates. Two of the top candidate of their interpretation of a song, the audience and the 81 professional judges vote, decide the championship final. In last night’s personal show, Jiang Dunhao and yang to win the high ticket, get the championship title. This is somewhat surprising, in the eyes of many professional judges, Xu Geyang and the performance of the site to be more outstanding in the field of Wang Chenrui. Wang Wei was eliminated, the famous music blogger ear emperor feel very sorry, he bluntly: Wang Chenrui’s "love of the year" sang very well, she was the only one in the live broadcast of the recording texture of the students." In fact, as the main show of the players in the last stage of the players, Jiang Dunhao who had a huge pressure. He said after the win, before his recall from the blind to the finals every scene, see the full field of lightsticks when Taiwan, completely emptied. And when he finished one main show tracks "rivers", also conceal his excitement: "in 2014, I came to Beijing artcollege mother to accompany me, hope one day in the ‘bird’s nest’. I didn’t think it would be so soon." In the mentor Wang Feng seems, Jiang Dunhao is not entirely a folk wind, he sang the rock is also very good, which is why I think he has a future." Observe the old flavor of the song "show red or Reds do not familiar with the place, the" bird’s nest "was familiar with Na Ying, Wang Feng, Harlem Yu, Jay Chou four mentors, or even the most familiar host, Li Yong because of absence of eye finals," Chinese good tongue less heavy return. "New program" "China’s new song" in Zhejiang TV broadcast three months, and finally came to the end of the season last night, but before the change and the "good voice of China", it seems that the formula has not changed, the taste is still. The six players in the "new song" China quarter finals, a Li Peiling voice deep clean, to love moving; rock style Xu Geyang sound to identify high field strong infection; Jiang Dunhao chorus folk fan children often explosive amazing; R& B model has a common European and American Chinese singer western style to the ocean; the typical girl Yang Meina of big voice hoarse; Hong Kong Style Wang Chenrui is singing skills. But the music critic Blue, six)相关的主题文章: