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China Shaanxi motorboat League Shanyang station ended – the new network for the competition winners. Yan Wu photo Beijing, Shaanxi in October 30, Shanyang (Yan Wu) 30 afternoon, the sixth session of the China motorboat League (CPL) Shaanxi Shanyang station and Chinese water motor elite tournament ended, Chinese Motorboating association secretary general million Red Army in the post match press conference said that next year will further standardize the system of the League more for precise positioning, to promote the development of related industrial chain motorboat. On the day of the awards ceremony, the host announced the winners of all levels. In the occupation group, from Malaysia’s Tian Chenjie and Yue Nixin were sitting watercraft limit level (RL1) and vertical watercraft racing one (J1) racing champion; professional challenge group, sitting watercraft factory level (RS1), vertical water motor racing the two level (J2) racing and sitting watercraft factory level three (RS3) jingsusai champions were Doutzen, Wang Zitong and Liang Yuanfu. In the open group, sitting water trapeze tricks Championship won by Li Chaofan; sitting water trapeze backflip (2 minutes) challenge champion, Wang Xiaowei was eventually obtained. It is understood that the Shaanxi Shanyang county is located in the south of Qinling Mountains, the Yangtze River to Hanjiang River system, the ancient Qin Chu boundary, beautiful natural scenery, rich cultural history. The event features the waters of Shaanxi, Shanyang Province, inviting more experienced, high level of racing athletes to participate in the competition. The event held to Manchuanguan small town estuary, because the water is relatively fast, the water temperature is low because of the motorboat athletes bring challenges. As the last station in 2016 Chinese motorboat League, Shanyang station first Chinese water motor classic mode, the use of Shanyang local special natural environment and motorboat fusion, has brought many anticipations for the local audience, to achieve the double development of motorboat racing field and city sports marketing field. "The Chinese motor boat League is becoming more and more mature, the league system is becoming more perfect, and the competition has been expanded year by year. The league has developed a number of outstanding athletes who have the potential, the level and the dream." Ten thousand red army said that in the future will further improve the quality and influence of the event, so that more international competition and mass. (end)相关的主题文章: