China launched in 2009! Samsung S7 carrying Samsung pay landing Russia – Sohu

China launched in 2009! Samsung S7 Samsung Pay landed in Russia – Sohu with the promotion of digital apple is like a raging fire Apple Pay, how does the old rival samsung. According to foreign media reports, Samsung Samsung Pay mobile payment market has been in South Korea and the United States at present, and by many users, at the beginning of this year, it is expected that the UK and Spain in two European countries launched. Recently, Samsung in the European Samsung Pay director confirmed this view, and hinted at the possibility of Galaxy and S with 7 landing new markets, but the latest news shows, enjoy these possibly russia. According to a picture posted on the sources, Russia’s largest operators of promotional materials, Samsung Pay and Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S7 together in the country listed. It has been confirmed that the Samsung S7 series will be on the eve of the MWC (February 21st) officially released, at the conference, Samsung may also announce Samsung Pay global expansion plan, China, Australia, Singapore and Brazil are expected to launch this year. Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, two industry giants in the field of mobile payment facing WeChat and Alipay have much chance of winning? We wait and see.

年内中国推出!三星S7携Samsung Pay登陆俄罗斯-搜狐数码  苹果正在如火如荼的推广着Apple Pay,老对手三星又怎能坐以待毙。   据外媒报道,三星移动支付Samsung Pay目前已在韩国和美国上市,并受到不少用户欢迎,今年年初,其还有望英国和西班牙这两个欧洲国家推出。近日,三星在欧洲的Samsung Pay主管证实了这一说法,并暗示有可能和Galaxy S 7一同登陆新市场,不过最新的消息显示,享受这些的可能还有俄罗斯。   根据消息人士张贴的一张图片显示,在俄罗斯最大运营商宣传资料上,Samsung Pay将和三星新旗舰Galaxy S7一同在该国上市。   现在已确认三星S7系列将会在MWC前夕(2月21日)正式发布,在该发布会上,三星可能还会公布Samsung Pay全球扩展计划,中国、澳大利亚、新加坡和巴西等地都有望在今年推出。   Apple Pay和Samsung Pay,两大业内巨头在移动支付领域面对微信和支付宝有多少胜算呢?我们拭目以待。相关的主题文章: